After my 9 part series on UI (you can find it linked here), you’d think I was spouting off about all this stuff because I was so happy with the way I do things.


Old UI (with me standing in pee)

Here’s my NEW UI (pee-free)

And here are the labels of what is where

Close up of unit frames

Unit Frames

Old: Ag Unit Frames

New: Shadowed Unit Frames

Reason:  Because Ag hasn’t been updated in 7 months and it’s only a matter of time before it breaks.

  • You can make 2 bars look identical without tweaking each individual setting.
  • Built-in druid mana bar, even in forms.
  • Easy idiot-proof interface.

Seriously – what’s not to like?

Action Bars

Old: Bartender

New: Dominos

Reason: Same reason as above.  Dominos is updated more often.

Dominos is incredibly similar to Bartender in functionality.  I’m actually finding Dominos a little harder to set up.  The menus are smaller and less intuitive, in my opinion.  It’s kind of a wash at this point, but I’m banking on Dominos being updated faster after a patch.

The look is the same, but I’m using this opportunity to make my bars more streamlined.

Druid Bars

Old: Badkitty, Eventhorizon, Ovale

New: Droodfocus

Reason: Superior functionality. Plus, Badkitty was breaking on me, and Eventhorizon has lousy customization.  Ovale is ok when learning the rotation, but I don’t need a next move suggester anymore.

For more info on Droodfocus, see my guide.


Kept Ice, but tweaked it to show:

1. Mob health.  Ok, ok, maybe it’s  not all about me.

2. Mob casting bar (not shown).  That way the thing-to-be-interrupted is front and center. (And then I removed the target cast bar from my Shadowed Unit Frames.)

But that’s IT.  No way am I adding all sorts of crazy bars and getting Angry Tree Syndrome.


Old: Recount

New: Skada

Reason: Recount is a resource hog.

I like Skada so far.   Feels like a step up, visually.  And I haven’t had lag issues with it running.

More menus!

Old: Extra bartender bars on the sides

New: Opie (not pictured)

Reason: In trying to streamline, I can’t just have a bunch of action bars lying about.

I put my food, drink, and out of combat stuff (rez) on one ring, and my trade skills on another.  They’re bound to F1 and F2 (I don’t use those keys for targeting group members).

(Thanks to Cannot be Tamed for cluing me in to Opie!)


Cranky UI Update — 1 Comment

  1. something else you can do with sUF that I love is adjusting the positioning of the bars based off a certain frame (default is "screen", which is basically a free drag). I've got my self and tot frames anchored to my target, and my pet/focus/focus target frames tied to my self frame. this means when I move my target bar around, every other bar follows in the alignment I have set up. :) it's fab-u-lous.