by ArcaneTinkerTank

This last weekend I was fortunate to be in a VoA10 where I got the  t10 pants on my mage. This gives me three pieces of the t10 set.  And in case you are unfamiliar with the set bonuses, the t10 mage bonuses are hawt.

Now the problem is with three pieces of t10, I could:

  1. Retain the t9 2 piece bonus by using the ilvl 232 t9 chest; or
  2. Skip the t9 2-piece bonus and wear the non-tier ilvl 245 chest from TOC-25.

I had this question as soon as I got the pants, but I also realized that asking in guild would have been poor form. My gear relative to the average in my guild is pretty good. I have worked hard to get every piece. I run my dailies, I’ll pug VoA10 and 25 each week to get a shot at the t10 gloves and pants, and to get more frost badges so I can buy more t10 stuff.  I do all this to make sure I am the best mage I can reasonably be, given time constraints.

That said, I also realize my gear choices would be the envy of many people in my guild, so asking that question could come off like “Which car should I drive to work today? The Ferrari or the Lamborghini.” Rich people problems.

The proper thing, which I did, was to happily link the pants in guild chat, but look at online resources and rawr to play around and answer my question. That approach shares your excitement, but doesn’t come off as rubbing the wealth in other people’s faces.

(BTW the answer for mages is keep that 2-piece t9 bonus even if you are dropping from ilvl 245 down to ilvl 232 until you have four pieces of t10.)


Rich People Problems — 4 Comments

  1. Personally, I'd much rather someone linked a new epic shiny in guild chat with a purpose (e.g. 'look at this set bonus, do you think its worth keeping/aiming for?') than just 'whee look what I got that you didn't!'

  2. I was about to say if I hadn't seen your End note to keep the t9! Grats on getting the free t10. I lost out on 10.5 pants to a mage that never plays.

  3. Well that is fine too. I'm just saying you should be somewhat considerate of others gear levels. If your guild is all in 232 and you are debating between ICC25 heroic pieces it can come off a bit rude. Especially since there are plenty of online resources to figure that out. If everyone is in 232 and you are deciding if this trinket or that trinket which others in your guild may have had or have is better by all means ask away.

  4. Hmm having run a guild for a while I really don't see why you couldn't ask, afterall thats part of what being in a guild is all about. Why shouldn't you show it off, you worked damn hard for it and people in your guild should know that, but that's just my humble opinion for an old gm lol

    If people are jealous then thats for them to deal with and you should be congratulated ~ more gear for you means you will be helping your guild when it comes to raids etc etc blah blah and of course your guild members know what you're doig so go for it I say

    I also agree that you should keep you 2 part set and wait until you can complete the full set moving up and most defo gratz on your loot.

    My mage needs a bit of work ;( but hey this game is never ending