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Terrestrial Ichthyological Discrimination

World of Warcraft has created all types of beasts, on both land and sea.  Yet, for all this creature diversity, there is not one terrestrial (land-dwelling) fish specimen!  This is a travesty.

In this day and age, terrestrial fish are upstanding members of society.  They hold down jobs…

and have families…

Yet they are not represented at all in this extremely popular video game.

Blizzard needs to put in a playable race of terrestrial fish immediately.

Proposed NPC: Ichthyosaur

The character model:

Special Attacks

  • Candygram – Reduces target’s defenses by 50%.
  • Pizza – Distracts the target, allowing the Ichthyosaur to attack from the back.
  • Just a Dolphin – Disguises the Ichthyosaur, a terrestrial fish, as an aquatic mammal, allowing the Ichthyosaur to pass into restricted areas undetected.


For killing this fearsome beast, the luckiest players will receive the  Ichthyosaur mount:  A very fast mount that is usable both on land and in the water that occasionally inflicts damage on the rider.

A Final Plea

Please consider this, Blizzard.  Failing to include representations of these prevalent members of society is  ruining my immersion.


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