Presenting: Murloc Parliament!

It doesn’t seem that long since I closed down Cranky Healer, but trust me, when you’re doing a post a day, sometimes 2, and suddenly you’re not posting at all (or commenting on other people’s posts)… it feels like a whole lot of free time to rest and ponder.  I’d like to thank those of you who poked me to start up again (on your blogs or by e-mail).  It’s not a decision I took lightly.

Why I Quit Blogging

You’re probably wondering why I packed up my blog so abruptly.  Blogging does not happen in a vacuum.

On a sunny and otherwise ordinary Monday, about half the guild’s regular raiders (9 members, including an officer) left suddenly due to philosophical differences about how hard-core a casual raiding guild should be.  This placed the guild into a state of crisis. (Beware the Ides of March, no shit!)  Tuesday night, there was a 2 hour guild meeting on ventrillo.  There was going to be a lot of rebuilding and a lot of work.

On Wednesday morning, I wake up to blog drama.  At any other time, blog drama is blog drama.  But at that time, I was facing extremely time-consuming and emotionally-draining guild rebuilding.

I have limited time to devote to this game, this hobby, and couldn’t extinguish fires on 2 fronts at once.  The choice seemed obvious: nuke the blog, removing troll fodder, post a goodbye so my readers knew wtf was going on, and then focus on investing in the guild.  How the hell was I supposed to know that the whole affair would cause such a stir?

In case you are concerned, the guild situation appears to be stable now, and I (we) once again have time for writing guides and whatnot.  (Or at least, if the guild is gonna explode, there’s nothing we can do about it…)

About Rivs

No doubt you’ve seen Rivs’ crusade at A High Latency Life, and you probably want to know what I think.

It’s his blog.  It’s his right.  It’s been said repeatedly that we can say whatever we want on our blogs.  So his free speech that many of you don’t agree with is the logical result.

He is loyal and fearless, and I admire that more than you know.

A word of advice to commenters: don’t use someone’s family situation as fodder for your flames.  That’s just dumb.  It’s out of bounds.  And it might incite someone who is loyal and fearless to come after you.

What’s a Murloc Parliament?

Murlocs need a government, same as everyone else.  Murlocs wearing white wigs and banging gavels – that’s just frickin hilarious.  Ok, you had to be there on the drunken night in 2005 to get it….

The New Author Name

I discovered that I’m not that cranky or ill-tempered.  I’m also not really “healing” all the time anymore.  I’ve been clawing some faces pretty dang often.

So I mashed together part of a toon’s name (Zel), and the name of my favorite internet cat (Maru), and there ya go, Zelmaru, cause most everything on Google is taken.  Hope it doesn’t mean anything dirty.


If you do not love Maru, you have no soul.

The New Blog/Domain

(1) The blog isn’t just about me.  Husband (ArcaneTinkerTank) is an equal partner.  Isn’t Azeroth a community property state?

(2) I’m doing more than healing lately.

(3) I was ogling blogger’s blogroll sidebar.  Want.

What You Can Expect from this Blog

You will see wow stuff. Sure, why not.  Guides.  We can do that.  You’ll notice those posts are back up, but I’m a little too lazy to fix the internal links.

Against my better judgment, I’m keeping the personal touch. I really struggled with this. So many of you were attached to the saga of Twig and Mouse, I decided that the ability to help people with parenting and wow balance trumped the discomfort I feel in allowing everyone, including assholes out there, to read about it. Don’t make me regret this decision.

All comments will be moderated.  This is my our house.

No Twitter.  It’s 90% “Woke up and need a cigarette and a piss” anyway.



In with the new: Murloc Parliament! — 21 Comments

  1. Welcome back. I really liked your other blog, so I'm really happy to see you back! I hope you are successful in getting the murloc government set up.

  2. Cranky! (or should I say Zelmaru… Must remember that name!)

    Glad to see you back!

    I have been getting traffic from this site (probably you checking your links to make sure they work), and have been bugging me for a while how to get ahold of the person running it (at the time it was member-only).

    Well… Now I know who that was! WOOT! Cant wait to see more from you, updating feedreader in 3, 2, 1…..

  3. Welcome back dear! You have been missed a great deal. Hope to see you around SAN and I will be reading this new blog A LOT more often than I read the last. Especially cause of the murlocs 😀

    Hope to see you in gchat sometime soon. <3


  4. Bobreaze just jumped up in excitement. Shit you returning has me refering to myself in 3rd person. Glad to see a great blogger return looking forward to the new post.

  5. Hey glad to see you back on the scene.

    I discovered your blog a few weeks before you left, and although I never commented I was sad that you were gone. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say, so now I'll include your new url on my blog.

    Welcome back. :)