Okies, folks… Blogspot is interesting. You can do a lot with it but it’s pretty HTML-y. I’m having to break out ye olde hand-coding skillz and I’m trying to remember it all.  ArcaneTinkerTank (husband) is like “hur hur what’s the big deal about typing ‘h2′ for headers.”  Yeah, I know, I can type “h2.” (Yeah, hotshot, you try putting in page jumps…)

Needless to say, though, there are some features that are a definite improvement.

First: The Resources and Guides – they are back!  At first I was less than thrilled about this one because Blogspot limits me to 10 pages so I can’t just have a page for every category (fail).  However, I did a menu dealie that in my opinion makes the one-page format awesomer than the multi-pages ever were.  SURE AWESOMER IS A WORD!

Of course blogspot appears to be afraid of my awesomeness and insisted on mucking up my HTML page jumps in an unspeakable manner every time I did an edit, forcing me to spend hours un-coding what I had just spent hours coding. There will be vengeance. OK, not really, I figured it out, but the unfortunate solution is to do every post, page, and edit in hand-code HTML, since the WYSIWYG editor is NOT NICE to perfectly valid HTML. I’m gonna be so tech-y.

I know husband is an “equal partner” in this but if he dares touch my static pages and fucks up the HTML, he’ll be on the couch for a month.

Second: The new complete blogroll. Now this blows away anything I had before because it imports from my feed reader in real time. If I want to add a new druid healer blog to the site, for example, I add it to my feed reader and then add it to the druid-healer folder and – VOILA! The contents of that folder are automatically updated on the site. This means that all blogroll-related functions – such as switching categories, adding blogs, removing blogs, switching the domain name when a blog moves, will be easy as cake.  Pie.  Or Beer.  (Instructions for how to do this upon request.  Minimal HTML and swearing.)

I muscled a MENU dealie onto the blogroll too, like I did with the resources and guides section. Smexy!

Third: The sidebar blogroll – standard Blogspot stuff and the whole reason why I wanted to switch platforms. Sorts by last updated, blah blah, and gives the title of latest post. But the best part is that I can import it from my feed reader, yeah yeah I know, nothing new. I have this little folder called “featured” and just move blogs in and out of it, and then import when I’m done changing things up.

(A side note – you CAN config the sidebar blogroll like the google feed complete blogroll, so that it auto-updates but (1) it doesn’t show the name of the most recent post, and (2) it is incredibly ugly and looks ridonkulous on the front page.  I REFUSE!  nonetheless, I will show you how to do it if that’s what you REALLY want.)

Fourth: There are a gazillion free templates, and I got the one I really like.  You don’t want to know how much swearing went into getting a custom header since I had to input it into the FREAKIN HTML source (which is a NO TOUCHIE ZONE), but I did it, yay me.  The background photo was a bit of a challenge but super-worth-it. I think I’d have to pay money to do that in wordpress and I’m cheap. (I’m happy to give instructions on this too, minus the swearing.)

Fifth: Integration.  The feed reader, picasa, analytics, blah blah everything.  Super kickass awesomesauce.

Sixth: The ability to change domain names if you’re indecisive.  It does kinda screw up my imported old posts, and I had to reimport after doing the domain name change, but we went through at least 3 before we decided on a domain name and title for the blog that we liked.  (While “Delicious Amberseeds” is funny for about 5 minutes, you realize that having a title that’s a “shit joke” may not be so amusing down the road.)

I fully admit that blogspot is more “bare bones” than wordpress, but I feel far freer to go nutty with my HTML stuff for customization, and it doesn’t constantly try to sell me blog upgrades. Overall, I like.

So have a look around!


New Site Tour — 7 Comments

  1. The blog / reader integration is the bee's knees, and the thing most missed when I moved to self-hosted WP. I've never seen anything like it for WP … well, nothing that worked very well.

  2. @bob SURE! You never left your site link so I didn't know you HAD a blog!

    @Grimm if your page supports javascript, you CAN include a blogroll like my complete auto-update blogroll (not like the sidebar). You might even be able to put it on the sidebar, though it would look like the aforementioned google feed blogroll page. (IMO ugly).

    If you go into your google reader, manage subscriptions, folders and tags… go ahead and make the folder you want to use as your blogroll public. Then you click the "add a blogroll to your site" button that now appears with your public folders. Copy the html and it SHOULD work on any page.

  3. Awesomer is totally a word. :)

    I missed that big huge blogroll and spunky posts from you. I'm fantastically glad you're back! Welcome back!

  4. I tried to view your blog last week but it must have been in the tweeking stage. I'm glad your are back. I like the fun theme. I'm excited to read all the new stuff.