But I don’t WANNA gear again

Welp, cause my guild lost some members (ahem!), it looks like alts are going to be used to put together a second group. I don’t currently have a raid-viable alt.

I should hide under my bed and announce “screw y’all and your second group.”  That probably won’t happen, mostly because my bed frame is so low the cats can barely get under it.

The Priest Versus the Shaman

I have an 80 priest and an 80 shaman. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I super-suck at shadow priesting, and super-suck at shaman healing.

I downloaded ForteXorcist, and headed to the dummies to test my DPS suckage. It was discovered that in similar gear, I’m even more fail with the supposedly EZ elemental dps than with shadow dps (ok, I didn’t see that coming!).

It was no contest, since I suck at everything on the shaman, I’m gearing the priest.

My Super-Sneaky Plan For Heroics

Now, obviously I need badges to buy assorted crap. Like a LOT of badges. So the fastest way to do that is to do heroics – except when you get shitty ones like HHOR. Ick.

I have therefore resolved not to spend any badges until I’m ready to spend them all. Purposefully remaining slightly undergeared leads to easier and quicker instances, which leads to more badges. Foolproof! Uh, totally.

Pugs: The Good, The Bad and The Extremely Ugly

So far, I have endured:

  • Someone saying the “n” word! I called him on it, and his eloquent response was “deez nuts.” I dropped group.
  • An Oculus group who refused to kill the dragons roaming the sky – dragons that took very deadly potshots at ME once I dismounted. I got the dubious honor of running back to the instance since there were no other rezers.
  • In said Oculus group, a tank that pulled before I had even loaded into the instance, or went through the portal… or landed on the appropriate platform.
  • A tank that pulled the big raptor thingy with like a gajillion raptors still alive, and we in no way had the gear to pull THAT off.
  • A huge argument about rolling “need” on blues that NOBODY ELSE WANTED. Did you know it’s bad form to roll “greed” instead of “DE” on greens? WHAT?

This all happened in the 24 hours after I started the “gear priest” project. And I didn’t even play that much! This does not bode well for future pugs. I need to bribe a few guildies to roam the randoms with me.


Hrm, alt needed (nuuu) — 3 Comments

  1. Another string of bad encounters. Yuck! I would think, since you are gearing up for the good of the guild, you could presumably get some help from them.

  2. I'll second Alas' comment. Run with guildies as much as possible! Especially a tank, since if you are on the same page as him/her, you will avoid most of the problems you mentioned most of the time.

    I've been having good luck in PuGs lately… but I've also had my share of crap like this happen as well. In my experience as a tank, going in with even 1 or two other guildies and picking up PuG dps is the way to go if you can't always take a full guild group into LFD.

    And screw people who don't like that you roll Need on gear you can use – that's what it was designed for. The DE-fest is just a favor from Blizz, not someone's divine right that takes priority over the gear itself being used.

    Cheers to you, and good luck with your alt-gearing! :)

  3. Good luck gearing your priest. I began gearing my druid for Bear/kitty. Its going well being a tank means i can kinda eliminate the suck by being awesome. Only bad experience for me was tanking with over geared players IE pallies that rip mobs off of me.