I got a problem. Well I should start again, we (Zelmaru and myself) have a problem. Tonight we won a Battered Hilt. And we decided long ago that if we ever won one, we would use it for a guild promotional event. The problem is we don’t know what kind of event to use.

So help us Obi Wan Kenobi, you are our only hope. Basically we want to use the hilt as a way to do something fun for the guild. We want to keep it open so anyone could participate. If it is in game we might not get full participation because as a casual guild we juggle several schedules. If we have it on the forums we have the problem of not everyone using the forums. We’d also like anyone (including officers who choose to participate) to have a shot. So things that are subjective like “best screen shot” or “best poem using the words ‘corpse camp a horde’ as a refrain” probably aren’t the best idea. Mostly we just want our guild to have some fun!

Um okay more fun than that. If your GM or someone in your guild were trying to give away a hilt, how would you like it to be done? Post ideas in the comments, and we will keep you posted on how it turns out. Just remember to keep in mind easily accessible and casual guild in your ideas. Also we are limiting entries to level 80 toons (limit 1 entry per person). Both in game and out of game proposals are valid options. If there needs to be an impartial judge for your idea know that neither Zelmaru nor myself will be trying to win.


The Post in which ArcaneTinkerTank solicits reader help — 3 Comments

  1. You should have a foot race!

    1. Pick a big open zone, say Tanaris, then give two way points, a start and a finish. Have you at the start and ur wife at the end and time everyone’s run. Make a turnaround point like a mountain in the middle of the zone or something so that its not just a straight line. If you are grouped in a raid you can see if anyone has cheated and they can see your dots to know where the start and finish are.

    You could allow chants for speed on the boots or not. You should not allow class or racial abilities like warriors charge.

    Best time get the Hilt!

    ohh oorrrrrr
    2. The fastest clear of Old Strathholm!!! give everyone time to read up on how to do it and practice, then see who can clear the instance the fastest! I think my record was 6 min. Or pick a noob easy instance and make them kill every mob to stop the timer.

    3. play name that tune over vent ?

    Thats all i got for now :)

  2. Run around EK and Kalimdor taking a bunch of screenshots of landmarks and distinguishable scenery. Challenge guild-mates to recreate as many of the screenshots as possible over the course of the next week. Whoever gets the most wins the hilt. Dunno what to do for a fair tie breaker. /roll?

    I plan on doing this very thing with my guild in the near future to honor the world that's about to change. I haven't decided what I'm going to give away as prizes yet.

  3. Our guild is a fun and casual guild that likes to do all kinds of things.

    The one thing that you could do, however, is do an "around the world in 30 screenshots" contest. This way it is not strictly limited to 80, but could involve the participation of everyone, if you wanted to.

    The idea is to take your toon to different places in the world, some well known, some really obscure and hard to find. Then take a screenshot. Each competitor must find the location, and recreate the screenshot, and send it to you with the location of the place (because sometimes you can come REALLY close to replicating a particular scene, but it not really be the same place – case in point, ashenvale…).

    First person to submit all 30 screenshots correctly wins.

    Depending on how hard you make the screenies, this can take a few hours or a few days (we had one competition that went on for three weeks before finally getting a winner).


    This is similar, but not quite, the same thing as Saniel said above.