New/Old Blogs of Note

Dwarf Babble is a new blog about guild management and it hits all the main points in an intelligent way. I kept starring all the articles – and since I can’t pick just one, I invite you to check out the whole blog.

The Cranky Old Gnome is back. He was one of my first commenters when I first started blogging, and I’m freakin glad he’s back. Though I haven’t been able to add him to the blogroll yet cause I can’t figure out a category. I particularly love that he’s telling subway stories from NYC – I grew up there and yeah… things don’t change much.

And Other Stuff

Looking For More explains threat and taunting. I love the pictures. You will love the pictures. Go there nao!

Casual Huntering asks if we should let our kids play wow. I suspect he’s where I am on this issue – way in the future… while the current problem is explaining that “mouse is for show, not for eat.”

Byaghro at Diabolical Minds gives us the results of his questionnaire on the community. A very interesting read, and it’s something that new and old bloggers alike should consider.

Harpy’s Nest suggests white water logging as a fun activity. This is something I didn’t know ANYTHING about and I’m a sucker for things that go WHEEEEEEE.

Druid Main summarizes the social networking options for bloggers. If you’re new and don’t know how to get the word out about your blog… go. Read. Immediately.

Nazaniel at Unreal Realities talks about servers segregation. I found her analysis of the “melting pot” nature of servers, combining the different age groups interesting. Something I’ve been pondering, as I’ve been “mentoring” a 15 year old druid, and I know that in real life it would be unlikely that he and I would be in the same social circle.

Shintar at Priest with a Cause correctly feels disgust at the sheer number of shit quests. Literally, shit. This has always bothered me as well.

Alas over at Kiss my Alas talks about the top pet peeves with raiders. Oh I feel ya on that.

Labrat at Paladinpants ponders why female tanks are rare. I have noticed the same phenomenon.


Parliamentary Papers (What Murlocs Read!) — 4 Comments

  1. Sweet, fixed :)

    Glad you liked the post :) I'm one of those female gamers though! (Girl powah).

    Liking the new blog, glad you decided to come back :)

  2. You're mentoring a 15 year old? To improve their skills as a player, or something else? That's interesting.

    I guess most of the teenagers I've met in game have been what I would consider regular teenagers – stupid comments, groupthink, stupid actions, and all of that can't-they-go-hang-out-at-the-skate-park-instead-of-playing-WoW stuff. Good to see there are some of the other sort out there too :)

  3. I'm just mentoring him on druid healing. I spent about an hour in vent helping him set up his hot tracking on grid, but it was totally worth it.

    In the past, I've had younger guildies ask advice on what classes to take, etc… If you think about it, a guild can be an amazing resource to a young person who often wouldn't be in a social situation with older professionals who can give tips on school, getting a job, etc.