If your guild is diligent in uploading your logs to world of logs, you can easily see who attended which raids.

Step 1: Find your guild

You do not need to log in.

On the left side of the top bar on the website, you will see a “realms” option.  Choose your realm type, from the drop down.

Then choose your realm from the list

And find your guild in the list:

Step 2: Find your tracking spreadsheet

On the left side of the top bar on the website, you should now see your guild’s name.  On the drop down menu, select “raids by character.”

Step 3: Profit!

Now you have a lovely spreadsheet that shows you who attended which raids, and I believe it goes back a couple of months before the logs auto-delete.

If you hover over the raid name on the top bar, you can see which bosses were killed (green), which were attempted (red), and how many attempts (in parentheses).

Why this is useful

If you are in a leadership position and want to do a fair raider rotation, it helps to quickly see who went to which raid.  You can also hover over the raids in question and quickly see whether they were “farm” or “progression” nights.

If you are a raider and feel like you are not raiding enough compared to your peers, this is a way for you to see if your perception is accurate – and if it is accurate, you can use the spreadsheet when talking to the guild leadership.

What it does not show

This spreadsheet in no way takes into account sign ups.  It cannot tell you whether a person was not present at a raid because the person did not sign up, signed up and no-showed, or signed up, showed, up, and was sitting on standby.  It only shows who was in the raid.


Tracking raider attendance through world of logs — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! Our guild uses world of logs all the time and is currently discussing a new attendance policy and I never knew this existed!

    Keep up the good work on the new blog! :)

  2. Thanks! I'm super-lazy and the thought of doing a spreadsheet myself was horrifying… when I found this method, I went SQUEE, and had to share.