When we walk into the house after I pick Twig up at day care, lately there’s usually some big fat mosquito-like bug hovering around the front door. You know, the ones that look like mosquitos, but are BIGGER, with all the dangly legs. Ick.

Twig hates bugs. When Twig sees said bug, she screams, turns around, and demands to be picked up. Can’t say I blame her. Bugs are gross.

Conversely, Twig loves birds. Yesterday, when we were walking into the house, Twig spotted 2 birds wandering around the front lawn, poking their beaks into the grass. She stopped to watch them, fascinated, and then looked at me like “wtf are they DOING.”

I explained, “the birds are eating bugs.”

“Birdie eat da bug?”

“Yes, birds eat bugs.”

Her face lit up with a big fat grin. In her little toddler mind, the dots were connecting, and birds, which she likes, are eating bugs, which she most definitely does NOT like.


Daddy comes home. “Birdie eat da bug.”

At dinner. “Birdie eat da bug.”

At bath time. “Birdie eat da bug.”

At bedtime. “Birdie eat da bug.”

I have no idea what they’re going to think of this at day care today.

Hopefully, we won’t get to “what lions eat” lessons anytime soon.


Twig's first (positive) food chain lesson — 5 Comments

  1. That's adorable. The birds in our area have a regulary feast in the early morning when the dew is still on the ground. What with the insects and bait. It's a regular buffet! heh :) I bet she will talk about it at day care today. :)

    My daughter and I are opposite. (She's six years old.) We are fascinated by bugs and regularly go on bug hunts when the weather is nice. A few years ago, I purchased a huge book about insects to help me identify the ones I didn't know.

  2. It is always fun when they learn new things. Mine has started to identify objects such as wata. ball and his favorite word NO!. Whats bad is when he is whacking my wife with the plastic extendor for a vaccuum hose yelling no. We both had to turn away and laugh because of the cuteness.