When you have 9 raiders leave the guild, it sucks.  Seriously sucks.

However, having them leave dramatically changed our ratios.  Before, as with most guilds, we had a lot of DPS taking turns with few DPS spots, and always scrambling for healers.  Therefore, because DPS spots were such a hot commodity, we could never fill a DPS spot with a healing-capable toon playing his/her offspec.
But… we lost 7 DPS and only 1 tank and 1 healer.  That changes the ratios and reduces the “DPS surplus.”  In fact, there may even be a DPS shortage.
For the last 2 raid nights, we ran with 4 healers in the 10-man group.  That’s right 4.  On some fights we had 2 healing and 2 DPSing, and on some fights we had 3 healing and 1 DPSing.  And it was super-awesome.
1) Healers avoiding healer burnout by getting to DPS every so often.  OK, that’s nice, but the real advantage is…
2) Flexibility.  We could tailor our healing or DPSing team to the encounter.  When we needed mobile healing, I was on heal team as a tree.  But on Deathwhisper, when we needed physical damage, and the single Ret Pally just wasn’t going to cut it, I switched to cat.  On Deathbringer, we needed bacon for the mark, so the Pally was definitely needed on heal duty.  Except for the disc priest who didn’t have an off-spec, every healer got to both heal and DPS throughout the 6 bosses that we killed.
We made the most of what we had, and did better than we’ve done on a lot of raiding nights before the “exodus.”  I think we’re going to be OK.

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