OK, I feel like either we’re missing a key strategic point here, or we’re the unluckiest raiders on the planet.

Here’s the problem: We all stack on the green-slime-victim. Slime gets there, we get thrown back. Inevitably, someone gets thrown into a pool of green goop. The person dutifully tries to move OUT of the goop, but cannot, because the slime is now focused on the person in the goop, immobilizing him. So we try to finish off the slime, but the person in the goop quickly dies, despite our best efforts. We lost a healer TWICE this way.

Here is a reenactment of that horrible event. Remember, no stick figures were harmed in the making of this drawing.

Any suggestions?


Putricide Stole My Lunch Money (Or Another Clever Way to Say We FAILED Spectacularly) — 3 Comments

  1. Moar heals. And in case the healer in the goo didn't know, tell him/her s/he can still heal, the green shit only prevents movement. And don't worry, it gets easier. I died in the goo on my first night because I was too busy panicking and flailing, but after I got told to just heal myself it was ok.


    Ok, since getting putricide down as raid leader was the last thing I did before leaving WoW here's a few things you might want to check.

    1st, for the stack on green ooze strategy to work your dps needs to be very quick to switch targets. If the ooze isn't half dead by the time it picks a target you won't be able to pull that strategy off.

    This is important because if you can get it down fast enough someone being unlucky should not get stuck in the ooze patch long enough to die from it(ooze will die as it picks the second target).

    Second, if you can't dps the ooze fast enough I will suggest you try tanking the boss near the table at the top of the room where he's at when you enter. Your tank should move the boss to side of the table opposite the spawning ooze. Staying close to the table will limit movement needed and still allow for high dps.

    Moving the boss has two advantages, first it gives more time for dps to get the oozes down and second moving the boss reduces the chances of someone getting stuck in a patch a lot.

    Finally, the key for us to get this boss down was insisting on quick dps switches. I would hammer it to the raiders again and again and when the dps started switching fast enough we got him down.

    Hope this helps!

  3. You can control the direction you get knocked-back based on which side of the ooze you are standing on. If there is an ooze puddle, don't get knocked that way.