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So recently my mage finally had enough frost badges to go from 3pcT10 with a 232 t9 chest and 245 t9 hat, to the full 4pc t10 get up with a 245 non tier chest I picked up in TOC25 a while back. This opened up a new set bonus for me and has me giggling my way to the top of the DPS meters.

Pre 4pc bonus my DPS was solid in raids usually top 2 or 3. Usually very close in numbers to other DPS in our guild. I never really needed to worry about threat against our tanks and well all was good with the world.

Post 4pc bonus I have tanks who used to not worry about my threat generation complaining for me give them more time. I went from running a close race versus my DPS brothers and sisters to blowing them out the water. Now I will admit the 232 to 245 nontier probably helps some. And upgrading from a 245 t9 to 251 t10 is some more stat upgrades. But the crux of that DPS bonus HAS to be the t10 4 piece bonus.

So mages my advice to you is get that 4 piece t10 bonus as quickly as you can. Festergut week one I had a DPS(e) on World of logs of 5082. Not awesome to some, but enough to get the job done. Week two I was sporting 6060 DPS(e) and that was losing the heroism buff in our raid. (The downside to casual raider guilds is the roster can change week to week)

Some notes on effective use of mirror images. In ICC I will use my mirror images at the start of almost every fight for two reasons. First it allows me to hog wild for 30 seconds with my threat ignored by the boss. This allows the tanks to taunt off you to skyrocket ahead of the rest of the pack to get a better threat lead. And second reason is it means I will get to use mirror images more than once in the fight. Now I say almost every fight is that through Rotface in ICC there is only one boss where I am expected to do some kiting. So on Saurfang I won’t use mirror image simply because it is more important for me to have some threat on the beast to pull it from the melee and tanks.


Mages Quad Core Buff is redonkulous — 4 Comments

  1. See, I just got the T10.25 legs from VoA. So I’m sitting with the chest/shoulders/legs. I could get the T10 gloves with 60 EoF’s. BUT, I have non-tier ICC-10 gloves. So, I actually kind of want to hold out to 95 EoF’s to get the noodle-cover. (Currently have 45 EoF’s… that’s 25 more days of daily heroics, barring weekly raid quests and sneaking into ICC PuGs.)

    The logic being that I don’t want to replace 251 gloves with 251 gloves (current ICC gloves have +haste, as well). Plus I don’t want to go into VoA and get the gloves to drop when I already have them (this has happened on my druid with T10 gloves AND T9 legs).

    Think it’s worth the wait?
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  2. Honestly the best way to sort that out is RAWR. Anytime you take loot there is always the chance you might get the next best thing moment later. That happens, it sucks because you feel like valuable resources are gonna be wasted.

    My sense is you should probably run VoA 10/25 hoping for the gloves because if you get the t10.25 gloves it will be a clear upgrade, if you get the straight t10 gloves you can play around with the two gloves now, and again when you get the helm. My guess is you will notice a serious upgrade in power from the 4pc bonus. 18% straight bonus to damage for 30 seconds every 3 minutes is a lot. Especially if you are timing your cool downs around it. Haste is nice, but never underestimate the power of the 4pct10 bonus.

    • The haste remark was moreso suggesting that a straight comparison with the T10 gloves, they are a better pick for Arcane magery.

      As for RAWR, last I checked, they didn’t have a Mac version (yes, I’m one of “those”. :P) So I may be hooped on that.

      That said, I can still churn out some pretty decent numbers with what I have. (I average about 4 – 4.3k on a test dummy burning no cooldowns, self buffed.) So I may just wait and pray for some VoA love. :)
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