Zelmaru, the Upgraded

The Tree Spec

I feel like I just won the freakin lotto!  Spent my frost badgers on non-tier resto gear (I’m just not that into the t10 bonuses*) and am rockin 860 haste… especially with the chieftan staff that I got right afterward.  I got to spec out of Celestial Focus ( but then the un-fun part of gemming and enchanting my crap).

*Resto T-10 Bonuses. Some druids seem to like this bonus more than others, but it appears to be less useful for 10-man raiding, which is what I spend the majority of my time doing.

And… also a ferocious Kitteh

And then the cat – got to respec out of improved mangle. (See Feral Aggression’s post.)

Not to be captain obvious, but Mangle is 1 minute duration! This means there’s a lot less swearing during my rotation.  Not that it REALLY matters for my dps, but less swearing is a good sign.

Just from the mangle change, I increased my DPS by 200.  Now, I think that’s not going to be the result for people who were already good at their rotations.  But since I’m a part-time cat, having the rotation “dumbed down” a bit helped me not screw up my rotation and lose dps that way.

Droodfocus worked beautifully, even on patch day.  That addon is a keeper.

However, it was a little disappointing after 3 serious gear upgrades, reenchanting, regemming, and doing the “rawr shuffle” (switching out roughly same-level pieces per rawr’s instructions to improve the entire set), that I got less of a DPS increase than I got from just the mangle change.

In conclusion

  • My healing is through the roof, plus I have doodads like revitalize and living seed again.  (I really hope I didn’t screw myself on mana regen.)
  • My cat DPS on the dummies has increased by about 300, unbuffed.  That includes the new mangle change and new gear.  So basically not a big improvement.
  • I am SO broke after all that gemming, enchanting, and gemming again when I screwed it up and made my metagem not fire anymore.
  • You can spend an entire night just fixing your gear.  The joy of upgrades is tempered by the pain-in-the-ass factor.

ArcaneTinkerTank the Mage Cheater of Cheatiness

4pc T-10 for Mages is Hawter than a blood elf in a Speedo

Now, I ask you… how the hell do you gain 1k dps from simply finishing out a 4 piece bonus?  Granted, some other stuff shifted around too, a little… but still!

I got new DPS gear too! I got a piddly 300 DPS increase and Mr. Cheating Mage of Cheatingness gets 1k DPS increase.

I call shenanigans.

In conclusion

Mages, get your t-10 bonus.  Apparently it makes you shoot lazer beams out your ass and makes the tanks cry for mercy as they repeatedly lose aggro.


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