Lady Deathwhisper

Yay I get to dps.  And unlike last time, I totally won’t go all-out getting down the shield and have Deathwhisper WTFPWN my face when the shield is down.

Oh well… maybe next time.

Gunship Lewt Pinata


RL: “Yo, Zel, you’re going on the away team.”

Me: “Whut?  Healers don’t leave the boat.”

RL: “Then why are you in bear form?”

Me: “Cause I’m…. uh … a rocketbear?  ROCKETBAAAAAARE!!!”

RL: “…”

Deathbringer Saurfang

Me: “Holy crap, blood beast in the melee!!!”

Guess which one of these I saw in the melee and started screaming over vent?  Yeah.  Mmhm.  Yay.


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