Hi everyone,

Since I’ve been working on this site way too much, I have some things to add to the “grand tour”.

First: Subscribe buttons. Looky. Over thar. On the sidebar. So CUTE. (But I’ll reproduce them for the feed reader crowd.)

Second: Finding crap. There’s a “Pages” sidebar that has everything you need! Looky. Over thar. It has the complete blogroll and the complete list of resources that we didn’t write. Also the page of stuff we DID write, so if you’re looking for an old guide, it’s linked so you don’t have to wade through all that other crap.

Third: Twitter. Ugh. People seem to like twitter for blog updates, so I’m on it again. You have your choices on this one. If you just want site updates, follow @murlocparliamen. There’s no “t”. Lame. But there’s a BUTTON! Isn’t it cute? Also over on ye olde sidebar.

If you just want to listen to my blah blah crap, follow @zelmaru, but I’m a meanie and have to approve you. If you want both (oh who would want THAT) you can follow both.


/goblin I got what YOU need — 2 Comments

  1. I like what you have done with the place! And… "Look Maaaaa, I'm in the blogroll"

    Seriously, now that I have self promoted myself like a jerk, I really do like what you have done. The murlocs are sooo cute. I want a tee-shirt. Check out Cafepress and tell me when you got 1

  2. Hey you've done a great job on your new home. I really like it a lot. Your Murlocs are adorable. I always loved when the Goblins said, "I got what you need!" It makes me chuckle every time.

    I sent you a request on twitter. I'm Deimonia on there. When I do find time to Tweet. I tend to tweet about WoW and non-WoW related things too.