It’s Recycled Post day!

Today, I’m recycling my lesson about using Outfitter to automatically change your gear set when you change your spec that may have been lost in my 9-part series on my UI. HI AL GORE!!!

Using Outfitter to change your gear set with Dual Spec

Outfitter plays nice with the default in-game outfit set. You can choose to save your outfits on the server or just in Outfitter only.

Here’s my outfit menu:

Here’s how you get it to swap gear sets when you switch specs via dual spec:

So many menus! Ok, in order:

Now that outfit set will equip when you switch to your secondary spec. Magic!


Recycled Earth Day Post: Using Outfitter to Change Your Gear with Dual Spec — 2 Comments

  1. Even though Outfitter is awesome you can get this functionality with a basic macro.

    /equipset dps
    /usetalents 1

    Obviously you replace "dps" with whatever your set name in the Blizzard equipment manager is and adjust your talent set accordingly. I have far too many addons as it is so this allowed me to get rid of one of them :)