Thanks to everyone who participated in recycling, reusing, or revamping a previous post for Earth Day.  It was really interesting to see what you chose to recycle and why.

If I missed yours, please let me know.  I’m doing this purely from what I observe in my feed reader, and not based on pingbacks/trackbacks since they were not working anyway, so I got pissed off and turned the damn things off.


Scarybooster is recycling everything.  That’s cause his blog got eaten by the evil blogmonster of doom, and he’s resurrecting the blog through google cache.  When you have a moment, check it out, and resubscribe if your current subscription is broken.

Angelya at Revive & Rejuvenate recycled an Ode to her Kodo, complete with cute pictures.

Taiday at Cranky Tank recycled one of his oldest posts and shared Newb Tips with us.

Firespirit at Light’s Fury recycled his post on Why the Hybrid Tax Isn’t Working, which becomes even more relevant as Cataclysm draws closer.

Anea at Oh Look, An Alt shared with us a post about Naughty Death Knights, “because more often than not, people miss some of the interesting/funny stuff you can find in books around Azeroth.”

Vidyala at Pugging Pally shared one of her Earliest Pugging Experiences that might have been overlooked due to the blog’s “new blog smell.”

Jaedia at The Lazy Sniper recycled a hilarious tale about Life From the Perspective of her Felguard.

Jasyla at Cannot Be Tamed recycled a post near and dear to her heart: How Not to Die.

Saniel at Primal Precision used this opportunity to revamp his cat speccing guide based on the 3.3.3 changes.

In lieu of recycling a post, Alas at Kiss My Alas shared with us A Retrospective on Why She Started Blogging.

Tarinae at A Healadin’s Tear revamped her already-excellent Glyph Analysis.

Lonomonkey at Screaming Monkeys recycled a post about an Early Frustrating Group Experience.

Ndiayne at Heals in Heels posted a snippet of an Unfinished Story from the Draft Folder.

Kae at Dreambound reposted a Healer Comic while working the next installment of the Lich King comic.

Iaaiv at Green Bar Spec Updated us on the paladin’s progress using an old post.

Rades at Orcish Army Knife shared an oldie but a goodie about a Comically Disastrous LBRS Run.

Codi at Moar HPS Reeducated us about Pally Mana Regen via a revamped post.

Icedragon at Druid Main is very busy but took the time to share with us the most frequently e-mailed quotes received from readers.

Zan at Altoholic Anonymous revisited the Gear Score Fallacy (and linked some other posts that support this point).

Deimonia at Heals and Dots recycled a Vegan Recipe from a retired foodie blog.


Earth Day (Recycled Posts) Recap — 3 Comments

  1. Awesome list. It's great to see people get together and do stuff just for the fun of it. They ignore the inner voice that says "why should I do that? Why do something out of the norm? Why help others? That is stupid!"

    All these thing people say and do all the time. It's nice to gave 1 day to say, "Heck Yeah!"