Monday Haiku (Ode to Putricide) — 3 Comments

  1. Kitty Ode to Oozes

    orange ooze is fine
    for dashing cats; green ooze, though,
    sucks if you're melee


    Yours is better than mine, obviously! But this was one of my thoughts, based on my experience…

  2. Thankfully, so far, when I get targetted by a green ooze, it happens to be when I'm standing right next to putricide, so I just continue to mangle his face. Unless he drops ick on my head and I die.

  3. Yeah, me too. I'm generally fine with either ooze, and I almost never die ananymore on 10-man Putricude unless we wipe for some reason. However, if the green ooze doesn't target you, and you dps it down but it reaches its target before it dies, and it throws you and then targets you, you're at the mercy of the rest of your raid party. Two hits by the slime can sometimes be not fun.

    Like in 25-man. ugh! LOL