I don’t know why the posts that caught my eye this week were about blogging. Maybe because I am waging a losing battle with putting my fingers in my ears and humming about Cata…

Gordon at We Fly Spitfires adds up the total cost of blogging. Full disclosure: this blog costs me $0, except for incidentals like having a PC and the value of my free time. This blog also earns me… $0. Yay?

Euripedes at Critical QQ talks about purposely limiting your readership to a level that you, the blogger, have time for.  Oh wait, will linking him bring even more readers?  Oops! As for the readers of this blog, you can stay, for now.

Byaghro at Diabolical Minds talks about the expectation of reciprocity in blogging and social media. As I posted in the comments – don’t worry about who links you and who doesn’t. Do quality work, and people will read your stuff. Link who you want and who makes sense to link on your site.


Parliamentary Papers (Blogging Edition) — 1 Comment

  1. My blog costs me over a $100 a year, but I don't care because I write for the love of writing. I could have had my blog for free but I chose to pay for self-hosted. I liked seeing my pen name in lights.