Dominos and Bartender are similar mods that allow you to customize your action bars. I recently switched to Dominos because it’s updated more recently.  While I liked the bartender customization interface better, I’m a Dominos convert because it allows you to move and scale your LEWT BOX.

You know when you’re healing and some moron loots mid-combat, and the damn thing pops up right in the middle of Grid…  Ok maybe that only happens to me.  I don’t want to deal with clicking Need, Greed, or DE RIGHT NOW but I need to because the damn thing is blocking useful crap in the middle of my screen.

Here is a totally accurate artistic depiction of that scenario:

Annoying, isn’t it?  Now, behold, with Dominos I can move that sucker elsewhere.   Open the Dominos configuration and look for the “roll” box.

And here’s the result (a totally accurate depiction):

Ok, ok… a real screenshot:

In conclusion: Dominos is cool.  Move your lewt box to an unobtrusive location and reduce your annoyance by at least 10%.  That’s not guaranteed though.  Results may vary depending on how much the lewt box annoyed you in the first place.


Why I love Dominos – Moving and Scaling the Lewt Box — 8 Comments

  1. Hahaha. The loot box doesn't bother me so much (it's SKS that's a pita) so I will stick with Bartender…. but I love the totally accurate depictions!

  2. I like Tekkub's TekLoot for that very reason. Makes the roll window as a single line per item instead of the "box." I definitely agree, moving the roll box is wonderful.

  3. I don't use either Dominos or Bartender or anything like that, but this alone is enough to make me want to try Dominos. Nothing incites INSTANT SEETHING RAGE like what you just described! (Fortunately my heal bars are off to the side so loot boxes don't block them, but I've ran into similar issues before and wished I could move things around till I have time to deal with them!)

  4. I use one called LootRollMover because I had exaclty the same problem. People were dying because I was choosing options aobut loot!

    Now I need one for the achievements as well, because same thing happens. Usuallly when you get an achievement it's all over and doesn't matter if folks die after though 😉

    But if anyone finds one I'd love to know :)

  5. When I first switched to Dominos I saw the Roll box and thought "What the heck is a roll box? I don't need this", and then hid it…I spent a whole 5-man heroic wondering why I couldn't roll on any loot before I clued in.

    I still love Dominos though.

  6. Does that do the same thing, except without forcing you to change your actions bars? If yes, do want!

  7. Oh god yes. I almost let the tank die (several times) on my lowbie priest because the damn box pops up in the middle of the goddamn Grid every single time.

    (I won't get Dominos because trying to set it up on the 3 computers I use would be hell, but thanks to the other commenters for the alternative recommendations!)