“Because he can’t blink!”

This little bit of class-competition turned into…

“The Warrior just charges across, bitches!”

“The Cat Druid is roadkill.”

“Very funny.”

“The Shaman sends his wolves across the road and stays on one side.”

“The DK just deathgrips whatever he needs from the other side.”

“The Pally bubbles and runs across, smashing 12 cars in the process.”

“Screw that, the Pally bubbles and then hearths to the town across the road.”

“The Hunter plays dead in the middle and then continues crossing.”

“Oh yeah well, the Priest just levitates and… realizes it doesn’t do any good. Splat.”

“The Rogue stands in the middle of the road and says ‘ZOMG HEEEAAAL MEH!!'”

And that last comment was win.


Why did the warlock cross the road? — 3 Comments