Dear Blizzard,

Long time player, first time writer. I want to propose a small suggestion to enhance the in game experience. It would require very little resources to develop, and would make Azeroth a more vibrant world all around. I would like you to put protest signs in the game.

Now before you dismiss my request outright, allow me to explain how I came to this conclusion and make the case to you why it would be great.

In my guild one of our tanks is pretty adamant about getting Blessing of Kings. He loves some hawt +10% stat action. And while we are buffing up he will walk back and forth slowly in front of the raid ‘protesting’ this lack of buff. Once he receives the buff, the walk stops. It is reminiscent of a picket line. Think of the striking worker refusing to get to work until he gets that pay raise. Now no picket line is complete without a protest sign.

But this wouldn’t just be used by raiders. Oh no think of the role play opportunities! In the Blood Elf city of Silvermoon, there is a rally going on and some dissenters within the crowd who are brainwashed, then made to disappear. This scene would have more impact if the dissenters had signs. Players likewise could use the signs to protest any number of unjust ingame causes. D.E.H.T.A.’s PSA as shown on their website has basic signs, but those are not available in game, nor are they proper protest signs (ie a sign with a message hoisted above the crowd on a stick).

What I want is an item that could be universally equipped using two hands like a fishing pole. The item would be a large staff with a large white square with a simple frown face upon it. See the basic design I envision:

It is a simple, universal graphic showing displeasure. The Horde and Alliance both can use it so once you make it, just scale for different models and disperse.

And I would like to remind you there is a strong culture of protesting in WoW’s history.

So what do you say Blizzard? Can we get protest signs for the game? We have motorbikes, sparkle ponies, mohawk grenades, toy trains and train smashers. Why not give us another item we can have some fun with?



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