by Zelmaru and ArcaneTinkerTank

Rescue Tirion From Maraudon (R.T.F.M.)

5-man Dungeon, Levels 80-83

In his wayward youth, Tirion Fordring was smitten with the love of a beautiful princess. They went back to “her place:” Maraudon.

However, when Tirion woke up, and the Rhapsody Ale goggles wore off, he found the “beautiful princess” was actually quite ugly, hefty and… hungry.

In R.T.F.M., your party will enter Caverns of Time to rescue Tirion from the clutches of Princess Fattycakes and restore the timeline.

Student Teacher Forsaken University (S.T.F.U.)

5-man Dungeon, Levels 83-85

Professor Putricide may have fallen to brave adventurers in Icecrown Citadel, but the legacy continues in his long time Teaching Assistant Liam. Liam’s trying for a full-time teaching gig, so be prepared for real tests of your abilities. The campus is filled with a haunted library and a laboratory with wicked concoctions. The final exam administered by Liam himself is sure to be murderous.

Only the bravest adventurers can expect to visit S.T.F.U. and live to tell the tale. So bring your number two pencil and be prepared to hit the books.

Gnomeregan Tactical Flight Operations (G.T.F.O.)

5-man Dungeon, Levels 82-85

You wanted more vehicle battles, and we delivered! In G.T.F.O, you will be escorting the newest set of gnomish flight recruits on their first mission in preparation to retake Gnomeregan. Don’t forget your infra-green goggles!

Warsong Tactical Fortress (W.T.F.)


This Battleground map is constantly changing due to earthquakes in the area. When you zone into the battleground, you never know what you’ll find and where it will be. Will the armory be on the hill this time, or will a giant crater be in its place? In W.T.F., there are surprises around every corner.

Thunder Bluff Animal Graveyard (T.B.A.G.)

New Zone, Levels 80-82

The Tauren greatly respect nature, and as such, honor their fallen household pets by a proper burial in the Thunder Bluff Animal Graveyard (T.B.A.G.). However, the eternal peace of these honored household pets has been disturbed by the excavations of the Venture Mining Company, causing some of the pets to revive to defend their resting place.

Adventurers in this zone will be fending off the Venture Mining Company invaders as they return the reanimated household pets to their eternal rest.


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  1. Bwahahaha! Brilliant! I'm not sure which is my favorite, but I am tempted to write to Blizz and beg them to implement some of these ideas!

  2. The Warsong Tactical Fortress actually would be a cool idea to see implemented, a battleground that was slightly different each time you zoned in. That would be something I'd legitimately like to see them implement.

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