Look, it almost rhymes.

For those of you following my SQUEES of delight on Twitter, husband stepped down from GM-ship and I stepped down from Recruiting Officer. Meaning, now that the shift of power has officially occurred, we’re now just shiftless peons with no responsibility whatsoever.

It is nice.

I’m gonna be AFK

First up, a visit with my mom is coming up, which means we’re going to be out of game for a week. Now, when the GM and recruiting officer are out of game for a week, this is a big deal. Often we’d sneak online to check in to make sure things were going ok. This time, a post indicating “AFK for a week, byeeeee” is all that we’re expected to do. And nobody will care that we’re gone, except possibly missing my good looks and charm.

I don’t feel like raiding next week

If I don’t feel like raiding next week, I don’t sign up. It’s just that easy. We don’t have mandatory attendance. It’s “mandatory” for an officer to sign up for a guild raid because… well it’s an officer, and it just looks bad for the officer to say “screw you, I feel like fishing tonight.” But I’m not an officer. I don’t FEEL like raiding. I can say “Screw you.” It’s so freeing.

Policy Schmolicy

If the leadership adopts a policy I don’t like, whatever. I no longer have to advocate for why this policy sucks, and fight with the officers who disagree. And then if the policy goes into effect despite my objections, put on a happy face for the membership and implement the policy. As a mere peon, I can state my opinion and let it go at that. If they still do something I don’t like, I can grumble about it to my heart’s content. I don’t have to participate in whatever the hell it is, and I can vote with my feet if I really don’t like it.

Not. My. Problem.

Guess who gets to deal with people who no-show, say rude things in vent, or otherwise misbehave? Oh right, not me. The website? Vent server? Again, not my problem.

Former officers and GM’s out there, rejoice that you have escaped!


Bein’ a Peon — 7 Comments

  1. I once saw a bumper sticker that read, "For true peace of mind, give up management of the Universe." A very wise bumper sticker.

    Glad to hear your peonship is working out.

    ( /mutters to self about unloading the guild portal passwords on some unsuspecting GM )

  2. This reminds me of the time I stepped down as officer for several months. I made a macro that replied to the last person to send me a tell that read: "Fuck you! Ask an officer!"

    I didn't use it on anyone but the remaining officers who, uh, kept asking me my opinion on things. No wonder I'm the GM now. My escape was foiled.

  3. I was a GM once. I stepped down and the guild went to crap in 3 months it was sad to see the guild die I made that guild openning day and it lasted till TBC before it collapsed under greedy management. You might be making a mistake. You can always join me on Rexxar Alliance :)

  4. Some days I long for peon-ship again. But I'm too neurotic. If I'm in a raid with someone who I don't feel is doing an adequate job of leading said raid, I usually can't stop myself from nudging my way into said position.

  5. God, this makes me want to resign as Officer. We’ve had nothing but problems lately and it’s nothing but depressing. No matter how hard I work on fixing it – it doesn’t seem to help. Maybe I should just be a peon too.