Guess who got self-hosted?

This isn’t THAT spectacular… The fiscal note on this change was budget-neutral. Husband was already paying for hosting, and I simply convinced him to switch hosting to a company allowing moar domain names on the same account.   And moar other stuff too, for less cash.

So the new site looks an awful lot like the old except… Intensedebate is in, Disqus is out.   Whichever plays nice with my current system is what I’m gonna use.   In this case, Intensedebate is integrating nicely.   Disqus is pouting in the corner.

The pages aren’t back YET, but I’m working on that.   They will have to be manually imported.   The horror.   Header needs to be added.   The title is all WRONG.   The fonts need to be scaled a bit.   But minor crap.

What does this mean to you? Nothing.   If you’re reading on a feedreader, I’ve redirected the feed.   If you’re going to the old site, it’s redirecting here.   No work for you!


New Self-Hosted Bloggy Address — 6 Comments

  1. Grats on the self-hosting goodness :) Looking good.

    I don't deserve to be kraken uponed though… maybe just a nice naga after breakfast.

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