Oh, blah.

Despite my best efforts, neither disqus nor blogger wish to cough up any comments written before May 5, from any source, on any post.

And this makes me annoyed because I know that you all spent time and energy on those comments… but no, no dice.   I only succeeded in importing all my posts twice and having to delete half of them.

So onward and upward and may I never switch platforms again or comments systems, or any of that junk.   I fired Disqus because it wouldn’t play nice in showing comment counts.   I fired Intensedebate because my pingbacks weren’t showing up.   So for now… ye olde wordpress & commentluv is what I’m doing.   I’ll try to get a “subscribe by e-mail” widget in there.

(incoherent stabbing…)

Edit: Har har…   har har…   cry…

I managed to muscle in all the comments, minus the ones I lost in the Disqus transfer (less than a week’s worth).   Unfortunately it meant deleting and reimporting most of my posts, republishing them and… spamming everyone’s feed reader.   Moar cry.

Also, they imported with tags, not categories, which means I have to either move tags to categories OR learn to use tags… I’m thinking L2use tags.

Off to reorganize tags, categories, and other such nonsense.



Comments and me — 2 Comments

  1. I tried Intense Debate I really did but it messed up my comments so badly and I had to wait a week for each email response leaving me with a messed up comment system that I just went all “sod this!” and decided against weird comment systems and just added a few plugins for my regular comments:

    ajax edit comments,
    custom smilies – though would love some different smileys than these generalistic ones,
    subscribe to comments – the only one I could find, if you find better please let me know!
    and I’m trying to incorporate ‘twitterlink comments’ which you can see in action on Sideshow & Syrana’s comment system, but with me it doesn’t want to play ball :<
    .-= Jaedia´s last blog ..Announcement & Question =-.