Don’t blame and villainize the poacher.  Folks, it takes two to tango.

Someone who poaches your guildies to another guild cannot poach the unwilling.  Soliciting your guildies away is kind of a dick move, but the ultimate decision rests with the “poachees.”

We all have free will.

Now, go read Gquits by Cat at Dwarfbabble. This is an excellent analysis of the types of gquits that are encountered in a guild and the most productive way to react to them and move forward.


On "Poaching" — 7 Comments

  1. Eggs… why’d you have to use eggs… I am starving! *noms the screen*

    20 minutes til lunch.

    On topic… there is at least one kind of poaching that is truly not the fault of the guild being poached from: the “hey I’mma girl and I’mma flirt with all the lonely guys in your guild and make them think I’ll be their interwebs girlfriend if they raid with me instead, but once I have them in my guild, I’mma ignore them and go find others, bwahaha.”

    Been there. Seen it. Got the guildies back, albeit with broken hearts.

      • I didn’t say it was not the guy’s fault.. was saying it’s not the GM’s fault of the guild being left, and the only thing the GM could do to counter it is to give the guy a girlfriend. I don’t really see that as being in the job description :) It’s an unrealistic expectation.

  2. Sometimes poaching is accomplished by lies…

    When our old guild fell apart, the poacher took advantage of the fact that both GMs were mostly afk for finals (we were around some, but infrequently) and told our guildies that we had quit the game and were disbanding the guild.

    They couldn’t ask us because we weren’t there… so they assumed it to be true and left. The lie became true, we didn’t quit the game, but so many people left we did disband the guild.

    I didn’t blame them much, it wasn’t their fault entirely. They were lied to and they had no way to verify it. I did blame them a little though, they did know it was finals week, so they might have given it a little longer before abandoning ship.
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    • Ouch! It hadn’t occurred to me that someone would try to take members by lying about the status of the current guild. Of course, even a sensible and loyal person would want to leave a defunct “dead” guild. That’s another class of sleaze entirely.

      • The attempts we’ve usually had people make involved them lying about the leadership in one form or another. Often it was things out of character enough that they either didn’t work or only pulled a person or two who didn’t know better and let themselves be swayed by an emotional appeal. either they’ll realize they screwed up and ask to come back or they won’t.

        Heck our previous GM ragequit after being absent for basically 6 months [completely offline for 3] because the guild didn’t revolve around his new schedule. He then tried playing the poaching game and when that failed, tried to come back. We done moved on.