It’s time for some more link love around ye olde blogsphere!

Keredria at Tree of life writes about Government structures in WoW.  The nerd in ArcaneTinkerTank just LOVES this sort of thing.

Pheadra at DI The Tank gives pointers on How to Apply to the Guild of Your Dreams.  I can tell you as recruiter, I’ve seen “what not to do” more often than you would believe.

Alas at Kiss my Alas reveals how she hides her rage to look like a civilized GM. She also pokes fun at the French.

Kurn instructs gives us lessons on Etiquette in Forming a Pug Raid.  I know that the main culprits who form pug raids in a rude manner aren’t reading, but a girl can dream.

Pug-Up gives advice on Raiding Etiquette (once you are invited).   We could all use reminding!

Adgamorix at Divine Plea chats about Consumables, Enchants, Enhancements, and YOU.  Bring your A-game to the raid, or go home.

Tarinae at A Healadin’s Tear talks about healing assignments and coordination, a topic near and dear to my heart.  This is definitely coming in cata… so if you’re not doing healer assignments now, better learn fast.

Dwism talks about genders in MMO’s and how he is treated differently when pug-mates assume he is a girl.

And finally, Kae and Dreambound, expounds on Mages versus Warlocks with her awesome pictures.


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