People are wandering off until the expansion.  However, at Murloc Parliament, the next few months are Prime Wow Time.  Here’s why:

The Weather Sucks

I’m so glad you nerds are off at BBQ’s.  It’s 95 here and only getting hotter.  Our “good weather” time was about a month ago.  We’ll stay in the air-conditioned house, thanks.

My Job Is Not Busy

During the summer, the chances of me having to work late are basically nil.  I can commit to raiding, no problem!

Twig is so “Needy”

Twig goes to bed and what the hell else are we going to do?  Laundry?  Pay for a babysitter?  Har har.

No Other Games Catching Interest

Sure, we’d be all over SWTOR if it were out.  It’s not.

Ergo… Screw You, Killjoys!  Watch out, Arthas!


[Cataclysm] It's OK not to be bored pre-expansion — 10 Comments

  1. Even here in Canada it is gettin’ stinkin hot.  I’m in gaming for sure:)  My 16 year old daughter plays as well so we are in family WoW mode.

  2. \o/
    Hate hot weather too. It can DIAF. *nod*
    I don’t lead an interesting life, outside in the Summer gives me a splitting headache, so what else am I supposed to do? That’s right! Play WoW! (for the record, can’t afford to go out, not that I don’t want to *sniff*)

  3. Even tho MMOs are sucking this summer, console games are turning out some winners like Red Dead Redemption. I bought a PS3 for the first time this weekend cuz MMOs ate in a funk. Let’s just hope TOR or TSW can save us all from this lull
    .-= Scarybooster´s last blog ..The Story of SWTOR =-.

  4. Well, I’ve figured that if I can’t get raiding back on track.. I’ll do something insane.. like.. get an 80 of every class. Just 4 classes left to go!

  5. Okay, sure, I’m hating raiding right now, but I wouldn’t say I’m bored with the game at all. I don’t get how “end of expansion fatigue” has already set in when there’s still, you know, Arthas (or heroic Arthas) to kill, plus Ruby Sanctum. Even if people probably won’t wipe on RS much, if at all, it’s still something new to look forward to.
    That said, I have been levelling a priest and I go back and forth between enjoying it and hating it more than I hate raiding atm. ;D

  6. I can haz kittiez job?

    I’m not quitting now…I’m going to be fully epic’d in out even in some 25 man hard mode lootz so I can replace it 2 days after cataclysm comes with f’ing  greens. /sigh

    But seriously…not quitting.