Cynwise writes a must-read guide on using your Level 1 bank alt to access the remote auction house (since toons under level 10 don’t show up on armory).  Seriously.  Read this.  It may prevent swearing and/or kicking stuff.

Lassirra from the Hunter’s Mark talks about Coaching the New Raider.  If you’re trying to grow your guild’s numbers now, you might have to teach some raiders from scratch.

MMO Gamer Chick tells us about a  successful guild merger.  If you are considering a guild merger in this time of pre-cata-attention-waning, take some tips from this article.

Gazimoff from Mana Obscura writes a guide on How to Get the Most out of Refer-a-Friend.

Windsoar shares with us how to deal with people who are  Farking Iceholes.  Hint: Nuke from Orbit is not an option.  Unfortunately.

Gauss’s collections of reader-submitted quotes usually make me snicker, and this week’s entry is no exception.


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