There is a new version of Grid that is on wowace and in the curse downloader.   However, this new version is NOT the same as the one listed on the Curse website OR listed on wowinterface either (updated 4/16).

The 4/16 version works with all plugins that I’m currently using (hint: it’s a lot).   The newest version is not playing nice with Gridstatuspwshield, Gridstatusmending, Gridstatusself, and a few others.   I’m not going to say that the new grid is buggy – just that from my personal observation it’s not compatible with some plugins.

If some of your plugins have inexplicably quit working, you might want to try reverting your grid version to the 4/16 version (on the curse or wowinterface website) and see if that helps.


Newly Updated Grid: incompatible with certain grid plugins — 9 Comments

  1. Hm, first of all, it’s the plugin’s job to be compatable, not the mothership, and Grid is the mothership. So the implication that Grid’s at fault doesn’t sit well. IF these plugins are being maintained, then they will catch up eventually. If not, then, time to move on.
    Having said that, I haven’t update to that version as of yet, apparently, as I have seen no breakage.
    Guess it’s good that Vuhdo’s installed here, “just in case”. :)

  2. What strikes me as bizarre is that different sites have different “latest” versions, and the curse site does not match the downloader. I am wondering if the latest version, since it is not universally updated on all sites, might be a beta.

  3. There is a preferences setting in the Curse downloader that lets you select between alpha, beta, and release versions. That may explain the disconnect, but I have doubts. I’ve often seen the site and the downloader disagree on this matter.  I suspect it’s because they use batching to save bandwidth, but it just makes me more bitter about losing actually useful addon managers like WoWMatrix to their chicanery.

  4. I’ll plug Vuhdo for anyone whose necessary addons are now screwed up – I love that it’s everything I need for my raid frames in one package, but I know other people love their Grid.

  5. Heh. I want to use Vuhdo like that, but there was one thing missing which I can’t put my finger on as of yet. Still, my UI is so ungainly (it has been known to inflict AoE damage on its own) that I have been seriously looking into switching. Hopefully when I hit the ‘thing’ I’ll know what it is and find a way around it.

  6. I may well try out Vuhdo, as long as the built-in-clicking thing isn’t too ungainly.  I have rather unorthodox keybinds (control+alt+left-click, for example) and I’m not sure the built-in click system would support it.  However, if I could continue to use Clique, I would definitely give it a shot.  The idea of an all-in-one system is rather appealing.  I run about 20+ plugins for grid.

  7. From a preliminary “poking about”, it appears that setting it up would be a very big deal!  I saw the clique support and that is awesome!  But when you’re used to one system, the menus in another system are… daunting.  It would take me HOURS to switch over… so probably won’t do it unless grid truly breaks.

  8. @Zel – oh, you’re right on that!  That’s the only thing that is keeping me from switching right off – so much to do!