As I was mentioning to Alas the other day, there are people who ought to be thrown into a pit of bees. Been feeling a little extra snarky lately, so here are my top candidates to be jettisoned into the bee pit.

The Healer Who Can’t Switch Targets. Ok, how did you even get to 80 being unable to switch targets quickly? “Sorry I misclicked.” No. Unacceptable.

The DPS Who Doesn’t Switch Targets due to meters epeen. Buddy, I don’t care that you’re gonna lose all those lovely combo points. I’m on a spike. Kill the spike.

The Tank Who Doesn’t Use Cooldowns. Oh come on. I know you’re mesmerized by boss crotch dangling in your face, but be a pal. Pop a cooldown. What are you saving it for, the Rapture?

Make-Everyone-Late Guy. I know you thought you had time for a quickie heroic before the raid.  News flash: you don’t.  And no, dropping group is not ruder than keeping 9 people waiting for a scheduled event.

Onyxia Whelpling Guy. I don’t care how cute your pet is. It messes up my DBM warnings. No, it is not funny. Put it away.

That Alt Guy. Yeah, sure, it’s your right to have 8 DPS toons that all need gear. But I’m not healing instances for them. Who needs 2 hunters on the same server anyway? Maybe it’s cause you can’t have 2 deathtards on the same server…

The Not-So-Stealthy AOE. If kill order is focus-fire skull, then X, and when those are killed, I switch to moon and discover it’s at 30%, the cat’s out of the bag. Illegal AOE!

The Four-Patches-Behind Guy. “No way, you can Prayer of Healing another group in your raid?” Yes. Moron.


The Bee Pit: Raiding Edition — 8 Comments

  1. Ohhh GOD THE BEES. *shudder, twitch, flee* This post made me itchy. And all of those people suck. But THE BEES.

  2. Those are bad people, for sure.
    I would like to add “Guy who can’t take constructive criticism” to the list. When you tell the mage’s corpse that next time he might want to run TO the tank, rather than AWAY, and avoid freezing the mobs in place far from the tank… and the mage responds “Whatever” and does the exact same thing on the next pull…

  3. Can I add the ‘Overgeared Moron that Knows Everything’. You can’t tell him anything because he things he knows stuff. You can’t make him stop standing in the fire, because his gear will save him. You can’t make him wait for the tank, because ‘gogogo’. And worse of all you can’t just LET HIM DIE because his F-ing welfare epics have too damn much stamina for him to go down.

    About the The Not-So-Stealthy AOE. I sometimes get mad about that one only to realize the moon as at 50% because my maul is glyphed to hit two targets and my bear is hitting extra hard that run. It is no fair because I was all ready to chew someone out for being a moron.

    And let us not forget ‘I GOT THIS ONE’ guy. The raid mark does not matter. Nothing matters. You all kill those others ones. I am over here and I GOT THIS ONE. It might be the rouge off to the side, or the hunter with his pet on something in the next county, or the Dk back behind the healer making love to his deathgrip key.

  4. So in defense of the not so stealthy AoE guy….If it pleases the Queen Bee I submit that a mixed approach is actually worthwhile sometime. My case (since I was in the run where Zelmaru came up with stealthy AoE guy) is the trash mobs on the way to Marrowgar in ICC. There are those pulls with the spiderthings which web wrap people and the ice spike servant guys. As a mage/raid leader I would always mark up the servants for single targets first, followed by the spiders then whatever. BUT in my personal play I would single target until someone in the melee pack was being web wrapped, then swap to blizzard and flame strike specifically to break web wrapped people out of webs, while still hitting the main target. Of course as soon as anyone out of melee is web wrapped I switch to that target too. So I guess it is do as I say not as I do. I am the face of…Not So Stealthy AoE guy!



  5. “I’m a healer, I don’t have to move away from crap”. Most notably seen in: Saurfang fight, healing the damage the blood beast is inflicting. Less obvious in: any kind of crap that’s on the floor.
    Or – “I don’t NEED raid frames to heal”. This person probably just needs to die, bees or not, I don’t care.

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