I’m going to be talking about what everyone else is talking about, in order to tell you why talking about what everyone else is talking about is bad.  I know, I know, the entire premise of this is dumb because I’m doing exactly what I am advocating against.

In fact, ArcaneTinkerTank agrees with this principle so much that he thought this post was stupid and that the blog should just ignore any hubbub going on.  Oh well,  he’s probably right.

Why we talk about it

When something is going on in the blogging community, it’s almost expected for you to weigh in on it.  You want to prove that  you’re not that idiot who is clueless about current events.  See, look, I read stuff!

And sometimes you have something important to say.  A unique perspective.  Something that won’t fit into a comment.

But before you post about the latest issue, think about your motivation.  Think about what you’re trying to accomplish.  If it’s just for the sake of talking about what everyone else is talking about, maybe you should just butt out.

Why this feels personal to me

When I left the blogging scene, there were people who stood up for me.  I loved them, and I thanked them, and they will be forever on my featured blogs because, hey, I’m biased like that.  If you’re on my side, you’re a friend for life.

But when days went by, and the whole point of removing my blog was to disappear, and I started to see posts like “well everyone is talking about this so I should too”, I just wanted to tear my hair out and bellow at them – NO!  The whole reason for the exit and blog removal was to get people to quit talking about the same stupid shit and move on.  People who had never read or commented on my blog before were suddenly making these eloquent diatribes on their own blogs, dissecting my goodbye post, so I even got rid of that.

In conclusion

If someone writes something you don’t like, you don’t have to read it.  How many blogs are there out there?  A lot.  If a commenter says “I don’t like what you wrote, I’ll unsubscribe…” Great.  Unsubscribe.  If someone says something you don’t like, you don’t have to listen anymore.

And people say stupid shit all the time.  Especially when it’s NOT written and it’s verbal.  And trust me, if they were in a perfect world and had speechwriters leaning over their shoulder saying “I think you might want to reconsider this sentence because…”  or “that title might be considered inflammatory” then they’d have the perfect analytical means to know how EVERY statement of theirs would be perceived.

How many times have you said something and realized that you were actually saying something that sounded like a dirty penis joke without even realizing it?  I do that ALL THE TIME.  Oops.  Whatever.  Move on.  Weiner.  Oops I did it again.  Wang.  OH MY GOD WHERE IS MY SPEECHWRITER?!


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  1. Haha its actually good to see your perspective and nice to see a bit of sanity added to the debate .

    From what I gathered from the podcast the person who is getting the ‘beatdown’ here wasnt the one who started the topic but did indeed did say a few things tongue in cheek. It wasn’t in (my opinion) out of order anyway, it was at worst a personal opinion. 

    What is the saddest thing for me is the flesh of the reason BRK  was there i.e. concerning the starting  experience and the foundation it brings for players is being swept under the carpet. Ah well thats life I guess

    What do I take from it all? Mages need to upgrade from their cloth armor if they have such thin skin 😉

    • I don’t think that “grow a thicker skin” is the answer, but that’s because I have a thin skin, I take things personally…

      And you know I feel like bloggers shouldn’t attack each other.  The great Alamo said something about how “all durid be nise” (paraphrased) and I think that should apply.

      But… I also have been on the giving end of being an unintentional jerk, so I feel like people shouldn’t grab their pitchforks quite yet.

      • BRK crits mage blogger community for 400,000,000 hp 😉

        I just think its a bit petty over some off the cuff remarks said in jest.

        In this case people have taken it personally and to heart (which my thicker skin thing comes in), perhaps its just cause Im a small time blogger I dont understand but *meh* its just a game *shrug*. People need to remember there is always class rivalries

    • What bothers me the most is how one sweeping comment got so many people to launch personal attacks against BRK and – recently – Frostheim. It’s the disproportionate response that gets to me.  The mob mentality, the witch hunt.
      This is kinda relevant to Zel’s idiom, in that it wasn’t so much that kind of post that made it so bad, it was the mob that attacked in comments afterwards (and the “oh, it wasn’t MEH that did it!” attitude of the other Principle) that tipped the scales, to some extent.  And that’s kinda what I’m looking at, too. It was nice of Daniel to take the time to share his thoughts on the Alpha. If he sees all this drama around that, will he come back again? I dunno, but I’d not be inclined to, myself.
      Besides, they totally missed the REAL outrage. Did you HEAR all the things he said about Ratters? “Sweetest guy in the world?”  I’m suprised Rattshag hasn’t hunted him down …

      • This really.
        Though saying that you don’t like something that was said is fine, when it gets personal it isn’t. Oh well, way things go I guess :)

  2. These are the exact reasons I didn’t make a blog post when all the stuff with Cranky Healer was going on. I stated my opinion quite clearly to a couple of bloggers and I said, nicely, what I thought to the other blogger in question, but I never let it go further than that because, what’s the point? What’s done is done. If you feel particularly strongly about something sure, post about it, but best not to get your toes wet when they don’t really need to, ya know? Personally, though, shared topics around the blogsophere, whether they’re from BA or just a topic somebody started that caught fire, are awesome!
    And if this is about the podcast, from what I can deduce (I didn’t and won’t listen to it, podcasts aren’t my thing), it was a joke, perhaps they shouldn’t have gone as far as to mention specific blogs, as vague as it was that was still a tad far imo, but leaving it at “just 2 mage blogs” would have been fine, it would have got the joke/the point across without causing any problems. But as I said, what’s done is done. At least no real harm was caused in this one! While we’re all human beings there will always be tongue in cheek moments that offend people.
    /butts out.

    • As far as I can tell, no specific blog was mentioned.  That he alluded to frost maging prompted one prominent blogger to take it personally. And thus, my jaw. On the floor. At Tanagra.

      • People jump to conclusions, it’s as much a part of being human as putting your foot in your mouth and being curious about what’s going on. After a while people calm down and realise they have, hopefully no harm done anyway!

  3. Well… I don’t know if I should feel guilty about starting the whole issue.  Maybe I should. I don’t think anyone really noticed that silly remarks until I did, listening to way too many podcasts.

    My post was written in a goodhearted, humorous way without any evil or serious intentions intentions. And so was Gnome’s post. They joked around in their show and so did we, no hard feelings either way. I am and will remain a huge BRK fan, which I hope is clear to everyone. But things tend to get a life of their own sometimes in the blogosphere.

    Oh well.. I’m moving on, it’s not a big deal to me personally (even though I CAN understand that it is for other mage bloggers who actually put a ton of effort into their blogs for very little appreciation).  However  first we just HAVE to mislead a few more poor lost souls… Couldn’t resist the opportunity. :)

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting!  I don’t think the fear of “starting something” should ever influence what you post, and I certainly apologize if it seems like I was calling out your post.  That was not my intention at all – but rather to address the aftermath that sometimes happens when an issue gets “hot”, and not necessarily the aftermath in this specific situation.

      When I read your blog, I thought, “huh that’s interesting”, and went about my day, and had no real idea that it was a “big” anything.

      I started scratching my head and feeling like “deja vu all over again” when it seemed like such a little thing caught fire so quickly and people started hopping all over it without, IMO, a really good reason other than “Larisa’s talking about it.”  I admit that I didn’t see the sarcasm clearly either, so I think some people might have been confused.

      It isn’t just about this latest (admittedly minor) hubbub.  My personal experience makes me really sensitive, and I tend to notice blog trends.  I have been surprised that this phenonmenon continues to occur time and time again in the last few months… and with the most recent popping up, it seemed like as good at time as any to address it.

      • @Zel –
        Yeah, the past couple of months have been pretty hairy. I wonder if it’s the post-expansion blues?
        Crankygate, Beargate, Kittygate, Cliquegate, what next? RattersTeddybearGate? JongsPantyCollectionGate?

    • @Larisa –
      Honestly? I didn’t see anything in your post that rubbed the wrong way. Oh, I almost commented … about something … but figured I’d stick my foot in my mouth, so let’s just move on from what I was going to say, shall we?  English isn’t my first language. (Hillbilly is. Yawl.)

  4. I have a strict rule.  If there’s a hot topic in the WoW Blogosphere, and I can make a cheap quick joke about it. I will post said joke.  If I cannot make a cheap quick joke?  I just keep going with my own tirade of dumb jokes.
    After all, good sir, I am a blogger second and an entertainer first!
    At least that’s what I tell myself.
    I’m completely delusional.

  5. Well the dynamic of the BRK vs Mage is different then the Cranky Witch Hunt Incident.

    BRK is famous, but everyone doesn’t take his words as gospel truth. RP’ers are more like a Cult, if Anna said the sky was now green they would believe her.

    BRK did not mention a specific blog, or blogger, eluded to yes….but did not say like Anna, HERE IS THIS BLOGGER, and toss them under the bus.

    BRK could of said it in jest, or snarkiness, we know what Anna’s intent was.

    There’s alot standing up for themeselves, and in numbers there is strength, as opposed to Cranky who had to face that battle virtually alone.

    Is it wrong what BRK did, yes, and I am sour bout it, because alot of mage bloggers I consider my friends, but I won’t go to all out war. ..unless it calls for it :)

    • Update:  BRK apologized on my blog, and I gotta say I have to give him respect for doing so. We all screw up, but it takes a big person to admit when their wrong….

      If other people *cough* Anna *cough* was big enough to apologize then we wouldn’t have the whole out of control thing we had.

  6. I’m not a mage blogger, though one of my mains is a mage; I read mage blogs and lots of ’em. Mages are for some reason really good and funny bloggers, very full of personality. Kind of like druid bloggers. Don’t read hunter blogs because I can’t get a hunter past 40 and I doubt I ever will. If I were asked how many hunter blogs there were, I’d guess four or five due to links from other blogs I do read.
    Still I see how that comment was hurtful and not necessary, but those of us who are not directly impacted can probably do more by keeping our mouths shut, linking our mage-y brethren, and not making this last for weeks of stupid.
    At least this blogstorm doesn’t seem to be mean spirited like the stupid RP thing. I doubt BRK is going to have to spend much time filtering nasty comments off his blog or have people say the kind of vitriol that was said at Cranky. (That one being back when I was just getting started blogging, I didn’t really get too involved but couldn’t see how whatever offense had been committed deserved the kind of mean-ness the RP blog folk were dishing out).

  7. I tend to avoid Blogosphere fires like this, and hope I  never unintentionally start one. Misunderstandings happen, and are easy to deal with, but when people start personal attacks against others when they don’t understand the whole situation, it just makes me sad. It’s a big telephone game of misunderstanding that seems like a huge waste of energy.

  8. I thought about writing about it, but decided I couldn’t really add anything that hadn’t been said already. There was already a ton of opinion kicking around, and I didn’t think that I could add much that was unique or insightful.
    Sometimes there’s a lot to be said for keeping my head down and eating my bowl of Cheerios

  9. I mostly use twitter for spontaneous outpourings of opinion (as I did at the Cranky-time) but I do try to avoid posting about blogo/twittersphere drama on my blog.  If I’m not directly involved, I’m pretty sure my readers don’t want to know what I think about it, especially when they’ve already read several “ZOMG ME 2″ posts.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but… I believe that if I don’t have something nice to say, it’s better if I don’t say anything at all.  Unfortunately it seems many other members of the community don’t share that opinion >.<

  10. Wow, I wasn’t aware this was a big scandal. I took it all as slightly misinformed, but generally good natured ribbing from one part of the blogosphere to another.
    Apparently I can’t read. 😛
    I had a laugh in the comments of a few posts, and made a tongue in cheek response to my own love/hate relationship with certain classes. Definitely wasn’t aware people had actual hard feelings here?

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