Kitteh Druid

Jacemora at Druid of the Moon does the WOL analysis to conclude that mangle-spam builds are still a DPS loss.


Blackthought at World of NoNoob gives smack-upside-the-head advice for how not to be a warrior failtank.


Khraden at Illumination talks about Trust between healers and compares it to family partnerships.


Dragonshade at Glimpses of Azeroth draws attention to teeny little Enforcer Emilgund, the Ogre.  Aww.


Gordon at We Fly Spitfires gives a detailed review of the Remote Auction House.


Kairri the Shaman talks about how the media treats gaming as the root of violence, instead of focusing on parent supervision for children.

Keredria at Tree of Life talks about Christian Guilds and their guild rules and values.


The Noisy Rogue had me cracking up this week with Is There a God and Roleplaying my rogue as a slut.

Over at Looking for More, Analogue talks about the Top 10 Things I will Do if I become a boss, and the always-amusing Corporate Raider series makes fun of Brazen Rogues.

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