What have we been up to at Murloc Parliament?

A New Guild: Raid Times and Parenty Schedules

As I mentioned before, we’re now peons.   And as peons, we realize that being peons did not completely solve the problem. We were exhausted not just because we were leaders, but because we were raiding on too many “school nights.”

As a parent, raiding is tricky to fit in. Times need to be calculated down to the hour.   Raids can’t start too early, or it will be before Twig’s bedtime.   Raids can’t end too late, because Twig doesn’t let us sleep in.   And those “job” things we have to go to on weekdays.

Yeah, I wish.

Solution: we transferred to Alas’s guild.   They raid weekends, and their raid time starts a half hour earlier than we used to.   Now, this can be problematic because if a certain toddler is being difficult at bedtime, it means we may need a few unscheduled, extremely short AFK’s during trash to, ahem, replace mouse.   But so far, this hasn’t been too difficult.

The only thing that needs improvement in the new guild is the lack of a “Bee Pit” rank. I mean, what is a more perfect name than “Bee Pit” for the lowest rank where you put troublemakers when they misbehave.   And of course, that rank should retain gchat privileges, so the rest of the guild can hear the inevitable “OH MY GOD THE BEES THEY STING ARRRRGH!”

Then we Killed Putricide

For realsies.   Finally.   It wasn’t the cleanest kill, but we did it.

I will say that there is NO room for fouling up at all on that one.

My Heal-Peen

It’s summer.   We sometimes don’t have the exact numbers and ratios we want.   I ended up 2-healing Putricide with an extraordinarily gifted but undergeared-for-ICC shaman who worked freakin miracles.   Still, having the gear edge, I felt secure in my enormous “heal-peen” for that fight.   I’ll feel secure right until the shaman gets ICC-geared and kicks my ass across the heal meters.   At that point, I will whine that shaman are totally overpowered.   Like pallies.


Good News Everyone! Putricide, New Guild, and my Heal-peen — 4 Comments

  1. Gratz on the Prof. We did better on our 2nd EVAR attempt last week, but since we were missing a few key players it was quite rough just getting through Rotface – but, HAY, we DID. :)
    I prefer the rank of “Basic Campfire” to remind them that the only thing they can look down on is Garosh Hellscream.  But I have a warlock living in my head …

  2. Congratulations on the Professor. He’s a cool boss for sure and definitely takes some getting used to. Well done duo-healing it too! I’ve never healed it (I’m usually the gorgeous looking abomination-tank) – and I hope never to have to 😛