This is me.


I am the short one. I may not be visually impressive. I don’t have horns. I’m not tall. I don’t have a tail. Heck I don’t even sport a beard. I don’t have a crazy hair color like green or pink. Walking around Stormwind there is no reason to think I am all that special.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Put me and my friends in danger, and I’ll mess you up something serious.

Ooooh ahhhh YEAHH!!!

Now you might say, “Hey you’re a mage. Just DPS in a dress. That is what you are supposed to do.” To that I say, “No, the reason is because I’m a good mage. I’ve taken time to understand my class. I know that being a mage is more than a spec and a rotation. I know the class, I know my role, and I know my potential.

Wrath of the Lich King has done a disservice to mages, and DPS in general, because there is hardly any crowd control in raiding so we become 2 dimensional raiders:

  • Part 1: Can you do X DPS?
  • Part 2: Can you not stand in fire?

And that is really a shame. It is a shame because it dulls the flavor, it dulls the experience of what it is to BE a mage.

What I want to do in this series is explore the wonder of being a mage, and lay out the long standing fundamentals of good magery. I want to show you how I think mages should think. See what mages should expect of each other and more importantly of themselves. Give you the vocabulary you need to talk theorycraft should you choose. Lay out overarching mage concepts so when people start bringing out specs in Cataclysm you apply the major mage themes as a class to the specific tactics of that expansion.

Cataclysm is going to change the way we play again, and you might as well be ready to do all the wonder and power you are capable of.



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