Definitely check out Mana Obscura’s Awesome Mage Resource Page.   It is a compilation that will definitely be useful to mages in the coming months, and I know that Gazimoff is working his heiney off to make it comprehensive.


Derevka at Tales of a Priest examines what stats are desirable on your gear in conjunction with the ICC buff.  It might be beneficial to move away from spellpower and start looking at other stats.  This article is priest-centered but can apply to any healer class.


Christine’s blog gives instructions on how to add social bookmarks to blogspot-hosted blogs.   Blogspot, while incredibly customizable, is a little difficult to navigate, and sometimes you have to get your hands dirty in the css/html.


Goldie at Goldie’s Gabs talks about the stigma of gaming and how we might be nearing a social transition.   No, I’m not just linking this because she linked my article, although I totally admit that I am otherwise an egotist.

Syp at Bio Break talks about MMO’s and Child-Rearing – and gives real-life examples of indicators and goals for children that have MMO parallels.


Kainda at Ranged Rantings has a list of questions that made me smirk, because they are things in-game that really don’t make a whole lot of sense.   (Be sure to read the comments too.)

Noisy Rogue talks about 10 ways to kill shit.  This is like the third week in a row he’s been in parliamentary papers, but I snort and snarfle and just have to link.


My fellow guildmate, Jinxdeluna, has started a blog, You Have Been Jinxed! It’s going to be about Boomkins and stuff.  There aren’t that many entries yet, but add it to your reader.  I’ve raided with her and she definitely knows how2boomkin.

And, of course, Alas is my GM.


We’re always adding links to blogger guides to the resource pages here at Murloc Parliament and don’t often say “hey guess what, new stuff!”  Check out our Resource and Healer Addon pages.   Once the NDA is lifted and bloggers in beta can start publishing guides, we will be starting a Post-Cataclysm Resource Page to replace the current resource page.


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  1. Thanks for the linkz, Zel. I’ll be sure to add Jinx and Alas to my reader. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Heya, Thanks for referring my blog for a short  tutorial on how to put the social bookmarks in blogspot. Hope it helps! for any questions please feel free to drop comments on my blog. thank you again! and more power =)