The plan was to get Twig a kitten next summer.   But today I was in PetSmart buying cat supplies for our existing 2 cats… and in comes a lady carrying a teeny tiny kitten that she had fished out of a storm drain.

Teeny tiny kitten… rescued from a storm drain.

And she can’t keep it because she’s in the military.   She’s trying to find a shelter to call, the employees aren’t being any help and well… I’m a sucker.

Now we have a 4-week-old one-pound kitten.  Twig of course loves the kitten and is very very nice.   Or else.

Screw this, you don’t care about the kitten story, bring on the kitten pictures.

Size of kitten compared to Twig's shoe.

Twig is being nice! But her tiny hand covers the kitten's extremely tiny head.

The other cats look huge in comparison.

Particularly the fat one.


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  1. Awww! Cute!
    Course I’m looking at your Twig and thinking how my Nomster is going to be that size soon… and she’s growing curly hair like that too.
    Must steel myself against kitten pleas now. Four animals is enough.

  2. OK, that looks like a tuxedo kitty in the next to last pic, and possibly like our Brat Cat that recently passed away, so I gotta see the face now :)

      • Ah, much similar to our late Ninnian kitty.  Also similar to the new Ninja kitty that has been hanging out on the back porch. Tuxedo magnets, we are them.

        • Our Tuxedo only has 3 legs, but that’s a feature, not a bug.  She’s missing a back leg, so she can’t get onto high things.  The other cat is also too fat to jump high.  So there are never cats on our kitchen counter (win).

  3. Cool cat.  we got a cat about 7 months back she is around a year old tabby.   I swear that petsmart switched her brain with a dog though.  Seriously she meows all the time and instead of being a cat and shunning people she loves attention infact she lays still and lets my son jude lay his cheek on her without running off.  Great pet if only there were some way to teach her 5:30 am is not time to meow because your lonely. 

  4. I’m a sucker too.  I have 4 cats…all rescues.  And if someone laid a kitten at my feet I’d end up with 5 cats.  Can never turn away a kitty.  /sigh

  5. I have two cats that a friend of my mom found as kittens in a ditch near her house. I called Fealen and said ‘They’re black, one has white on him. They have no mommy. Can we gets them?’ That was two years ago. They are huge, a pain when sleepy time comes for Kainda, but kitties want to plaaaaay.
    Anyway. Your new kitten looks like they did when we first got them. Now the male is 22lbs and the female is 17lbs. O.O How’d they get so fat? Oh, yeah, Fealen feeds them chips and cookies >.<