Please note that this guide is OUT OF DATE with patch 4.0.  CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED VERSION.

NOTE: If GridStatusPWSHield is not working with your version of Grid, Check HERE for a fix.

Ok class, today we are going to learn about tracking PW: Shield (and Weakened Soul) using NUMBERS.

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What It Will Look Like

Once you have your corner text and side text plugins, you can have countdowns in the following places:

Any of those places you like.  I set mine up like this:


It looks a little small here, but it is fine in game.1

PowerWord:Shield (& Weakened Soul, its evil twin)

I like to see the time left on PW:S and WS, because:

  • I don’t want to overwrite an existing shield and waste mana
  • I don’t want to try to bubble over weakened soul and get the embarrassing message “you can’t do that yet.”

Seeing the boxes indicating whether something was there or not wasn’t enough.  I needed to know WHEN it was going to fade so I could anticipate my next spell.  I want to re-bubble the tank the second WS fades!


So… go into your options for GridStatusPWShield and set up your colors for your shield and WS.  Even if you end up not using numerical countdowns and decide to go with the boxes, you may still want to use GridStatusPWShield because you can change the color based on the time left (and you cannot with the default auras).    As I mentioned, I find this particularly useful for WS, so I know when it is going to fade on the tank and I can rebubble as soon as that sucker falls off.

Configuring Power Word Shield.

Configuring Weakened Soul

Pick a corner (or side)

Then, pick where you want each one.  Remember to use the appropriate check box under “corner text” or “side text” as appropriate.  Don’t put any boxes in the same spots as your countdowns.

Power Word Shield Displays as NUMBERS in the Top Right corner.

Weakened soul is on the right side of the grid box.

It’s not a Bug, it’s a Feature

You know how it says “my weakened soul” and “my PWS” but it’s a big stinky LIAR because other priests’ show up as well?  This is a good thing!

  • For weakened soul, it doesn’t matter who applied it.  You need to know that it’s there, regarless of who applied it, so you don’t try to rebubble that target.
  • For PW:S, same deal.  Doesn’t matter who applied it – you need to know it’s there so you don’t overwrite a bubble and waste mana.
  1. Why show mending?  It’s our next lesson.


Grid for Priests: Tracking PW:Shield & WS with Numerical Countdowns — 4 Comments

  1. It seems that GridStatusPWShield has been broken with this patch.  *grumbles*
    The only way I can find to show the cooldown on PWS is using a regular aura combined with the center icon.  (The cooldown doesn’t seem to work with side icons etc.)  I also can’t find a way to show Weakened Soul, except of course in that same box.  Unfortunately the darned Center Icon covers up a bunch of other things I use, and shows some other critical debuffs.  *further grumbling*
    I can probably get through most of our raid week without this, but this will be epic fail for LK bubbling.  Unfortunately that means I’m going to have to dump grid altogether.  *sad face*
    Any advice?

    • Ouch.  I didn’t play my priest last night so I was not aware of patch issues.  Did you download a new version of grid?  I am running a version from April since the “newest” version had trouble running all my plugins.  Also, did you “load out of date addons?”

      It would appear from this article that you can use icons that have the cooldown animation, but those would probably be too large.

      I’ll poke around online tonight and see what I find.

    • Also, see comments in the curse thread.  Apparently someone found a workaround already! (most recent comment dated this morning)