This is Murloc Parliament’s 200th post.  Zomg!


The giggle award for the week goes to Alas for “Tamarind the nearly completely useless.”  Seriously, that lizard has problems.

Cata Stuff


Domni at Soul Warding gives an excellent write-up on the cataclysm proposed  discipline priest changes and how they affect tank healing.  In my panic over possibly DPSing (the horror) I managed to completely overlook the awesome new holy talents that can augment a discipline spec.  Thanks, Domni!

Tree Cooldown of Glacial Speed

Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket gives the big fat FAIL STAMP to the Tree of Life Hobble Fail.

Leafhead goes through the encounters in ICC and evaluates in which ones a druid might reasonably be able to use a cooldown with a 50% snare (hint: not many).

Tech Stuff

Rades at Orcish Army Knife gives a detailed tutorial on using custom sounds in WoW.

New(ish) Blogs

Evensong of Healing Through Stupid is a fellow tree who has been around for a little bit, check her out.  Just today: How to GridStatusHots.  This is a plugin every grid user should have.  Learn it.  Love it.

Calsong of Mind Spike, so  far, is teaching me how to not fail at shadow priesting, especially not clipping dots.

Malevica of Type H for Heals writes about  discipline priesting1 and healing crazy hardmodes that I can’t even comprehend.  There’s also MATH!

  1. Disc rules, Holy Drools!


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  1. Cheers to your 200th post!
    Thank you for linking to me! I’m glad I wrote something PP worthy 😉
    (I promise there’s no urine jokes contained in this comment :P)