Is a doggie!

Actually that’s a fox.  It’s like a dog, but smaller, and with pointy ears.

A box!



Ok whatever.

Box jump in the laundry basket.1  He make a mess!

Where you going, box?

Box running!  There other box!

Box bite the toy!

Where the doggie?  Where the doggie?


Doggie is bite it!  Bite the box!

Doggie bite the toy.

Box hiding!

Box is bite the doggie tail.

Bye bye, box.

  1. Sure, “fox” is a problem, but “laundry basket” is clear as day.


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    • I decided to give Twig her own sidebar slot for her most recent videos etc.

      Last night she was able to pronounce it “fox” but then it sounded dirty.  Sigh.