A quick refresher on Real ID: It’s BAD — 2 Comments

  1. It’s annoying, I’d LOVE to use this feature, but I don’t want my details available to people outside of the people I have friended (i.e. my friend’s friends), and I like my bank alts and one or two alts to be private. If I don’t have private alts, I will have days where I just wouldn’t log in at all.
    We’ll see :< if only they could give you an option to hide your real name under a username, and to hide certain alts..

  2. I take this post as a personal attack on my deeply held beliefs that anonymity is bad!
    I say good day sir!
    I personally plan to use this feature to its fullest, but yea if you’re queasy about how it works at all, best to avoid it. 😀
    August “Vrykerion” Sexton  <— REAL NAME! ZOMG! ><;