This guide is out of date. Please see the updated version for 4.0.

NOTE: If GridStatusMending is not working with your version of Grid, look HERE for a fix.

Ok class, today we are going to learn about tracking Mending Frisbee using NUMBERS.

Shopping List

What It Will Look Like

Once you have your corner text and side text plugins, you can have countdowns in the following places:

Any of those places you like.  I set mine up like this:


It may look teeny here, but it totally works in-game.1

Mending Frisbee



Go into your options for GridStatusMending and set up your colors for your mending stacks.

Configuring mending stack


Use GridStatusMending and set up Mending Duration. You can fade color based on time left.

Configuring mending duration. I have no idea what GCD mode is above. Use at your own risk.

Pick a corner (or side)

Then, pick where you want each one. Remember to use the appropriate check box under “corner text” or “side text” as appropriate. Don’t put any boxes in the same spots as your countdowns.

Mending Stack on the left side.

Mending duration in the bottom left corner.

Whose Frisbees?

GridStatusMending settings will show only your mending.2

What you want to show is totally up to you:

  • Seeing everyone’s mending bounce around may be TMI and rather disconcerting
  • Seeing only yours may cause you to unknowingly overwrite another priest’s mending on a target

Your setup will depend on how many priests you run with, whether you use another tracking mod for your personal mending, and whether you always toss frisbee on every cooldown (in which case you may not CARE how much time is left, and may want to track using a simple box instead to indicate that the buff is present).

My Solution

(1) I use GridStatusMending for seeing my stuff.  I want to see how much time is left on my mending and how many stacks there are left.

(2) For other people’s mending, I use GridStatusAurasExt, customizing the aura to show only others’ mending, and simply show it as a box. 3  I don’t need to know the time or stacks of someone else’s mending – only that it is on a target so I should not throw my mending on that same target.

  1. PW:S is last week’s lesson.
  2. I cannot recommend GridStatusHots for this.  While it supports timers and is supposed to show only your mending, it gets confused and shows anyone’s mending.
  3. See Option 2 in this guide.

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