(Copied from Feed Reader)

Resto Druid

HoT up the group

Swiftmend any moron who grabs too much aggro

Run around at all times, making everyone else jealous that you can do your job and artfully avoid the big frosty spikes

Toss some wrath-thingys when he ‘s in the €œvulnerable € stage


Resto Shaman

Put down frost resist totem

Keep up Earth Shield

Riptide tank whenever it ‘s up, unless some idiot DPS got himself in hot water

Cast chain heal

Swear that people aren ‘t in range of each other

Get spiked a few times due to low mobility

Swear some more


Disc Priest

Bubble the group

Wait for bubbles to wear off



Re-bubble the group

Really? They got through the bubble on the tank?  That ‘s a first.  POM, Penance, Resume nap

Run in a zig-zag pattern so as not to get spiked (it works on MacGyver)


Holy Pally & Holy Priest

Hahah €¦ no clue.  I don ‘t play anything Holy.  Bacon?

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