I don ‘t pretend to have  tested all these solutions, but I am gathering as best I can fixes for grid plugin incompatibility so we can all upgrade Grid without issues!

(being updated as testing progresses)

First: Grid Updates

WowAce seems to have the  latest version of Grid before Curse, but it ‘s an  alpha.

Tested Working Release Versions

Ones that I have had occasion to test,  not exhaustive list.

  • GridManaBars
  • GridIndicatorText3
  • GridStatusHots
  • GridIndicatorSideIcons
  • GridIndicatorCornerIcons
  • GridSideIndicators (now updated and working)
  • GridStatusHealTrace (wewt, was not working before)
  • GridIndicatorCornerPlus
  • GridIndicatorCornerText
  • GridIndicatorSideText
  • GridStatusShield
  • GridStatusRaidDebuff
  • GridStatusSelf (newly updated! 6/30)

Alphas & Betas of Plugins:

If you are having a problem with plugins, try downloading their most recent versions, though  alphas or betas, from wowace.  If you ‘re not having a problem, then, uh don ‘t.  The release versions  may still work (have not tested EVERYTHING).

  • Gridstatuslifebloom (curse.com ‘s is a  year old).  Source:  Comment on Grid Entry on Curse.com (that it totally works with new grid)
  • GridStatusMending (curse.com ‘s is also a  year old) Release version broken.  Alpha is  Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!
  • GridStatusRes Release version broken.  Alpha is  Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!
  • GridCooldownText
  • GridStatusSelf Release version broken.  Alpha is  Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!New Release version 6/30!


Recently updated, it works now.  Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!
Open up GridSideIndicators.lua and put the following text as the first line:
local GridFrame = Grid:GetModule(“GridFrame”)
Workaround is no longer needed since the module has been updated.
Source:  Kurn ‘s Corner


Open up GridStatusPWShield.lua and:

1) Remove Line 3 (RL = …), you don’t need it and it may cause errors.
2) Add beneath or above Line 7: local GridRoster = Grid:GetModule(“GridRoster”)
3) Change the line with GridStatusPWShield = GridStatus:NewModule(…) to the following:
GridStatusPWShield = Grid:GetModule(“GridStatus”):NewModule(“GridStatusPWShield”)

Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!

Source:  Comment on GridStatusPWShield Entry on Curse.com

I will continue to update this as information comes in.  Please help by posting any additions or links in the comments and I will edit the information into the post.

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