In attempting to change my theme (because it was not working in IE), some things went wrong.  Thinking myself ever-so-clever, I reverted to the last backed-up version of the site (that’s what backups are for, right?).  This glitched and deleted all but 8 of my comments.  That backup program is no longer my friend.

Fortunately – for me – I have a secondary backup program running.  Unfortunately, that is the “backup of last resort” and only backs up once a week.  So I reverted to 6/23 and everything since then was lost.  Well except the posts I salvaged from the feed reader and reposted, but the comments are gone.

I’m very glad I backed up my stuff, and have backup redundancies.  Hooray for being paranoid.


When Blogs go BAD, get a backup. — 1 Comment