Tale of Woe

Discover that theme borked in IE.

Disable all plugins.  Nope, not the problem.

Try new themes.


Get errors with new themes.

Swear more.

Oh wait, the old theme works with IE, just disable the featured posts box.

Happy, but feeling dumb that I didn’t think of this before…

But now suddenly there are errors with this theme… and errors without this theme!

Try to restore from Backup.

Backup fails.

Swear again.

Restore from backup-to-the-backup.

Lose 3 days of posts.

Copy missing posts from feed reader.


Oh wait, no it doesn’t work with IE.  At least not all versions of IE.

Try to make an export backup before testing new themes.

Unable to make a backup due to errors.

WordPress Codex gives dumb answers about 3.0 requiring code futzing before you can export posts.

Swearing occurs.

Revert to unedited default theme.

Default theme has errors.


No theme works.


Do fresh install.

Put up a maintenance page to hide the hideousness of failblog during what promises to be a long theme reconstruction.

Find several themes that work in IE but cannot be customized to get rid of the ugly bits.

Find new acceptable theme that works with IE.

Feel triumphant that things are starting to work again.

Discover that backups didn’t back up pictures.

Swear.  Whine.

Find pictures on computer and re-upload.

Redo image file paths.


Re-do images that could not be found.

Husband Whine (hey he shouldn’t delete his pictures after uploading, right?)

Customize Theme using failcoding.

Redo banner and buttons to match theme.

Re-download plugins.

Redo widgets.

Everything looks awesome… even in IE.

But not in mobile theme.


Undo all the crap that is borked in mobile and accomplish with a different method or plugin.

Create very basic mobile-friendly versions of some pages just-in-case.

Start to feel complacent after not posting for a week.

The end.

Lessons Learned

Internet Explorer is the debbil.

Check all your crap in Chrome, Firefox, IE, and on your phone before you declare your site working.

The more “customizable without coding” a theme is with check-box options and crap, the harder it is to customize stuff that isn’t in the options (the CSS is just UGLY).

Make sure your backup also backs up pictures.  Apparently they don’t all back up pictures.  WHY THE HELL NOT?

Now that we’re back

Anything interesting happen last week?  Nah.  Nothing as important as the awesomeness of our redesigned site!  The directory page itself is ART.


And We’re back. — 6 Comments

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  2. My sincere condolences for the week or so of hell you’ve endured. I tend to ignore IE entirely (although my site miraculously works fine with it — don’t hate me!) but recently did a website for a friend and discovered, once I was 85% done with it, that it was, you guessed it, completely borked in IE.
    So I definitely feel your pain and it IS the devil and it should be removed from all computers everywhere!

    • Thanks!  All in all I’m pretty happy with the way the new site turned out.  I was able to increase the aforementioned sidebar blogroll from 8 entries to 15 without it looking ridiculous.

  3. Oh, yeah, and just be so glad you don’t have to do Netscape website compliance stuff. I did that back in the Dark Ages because some boss got mad that our one page nobody even ever saw looked less optimal in Netscape. Ugh, that one sucked.