You use Drood Focus, don’t you?  I mean, why wouldn’t you?  It’s awesome.  Are you a commie or something?

Now, Drood Focus may be freaking out on you lately, either after a wow patch or after a patch to the addon.

Do not panic. And do not try to find another cat/bear addon, because Drood Focus is awesomer than everything else.1

What you need to do is delete your settings and then reinstall. Like it says on the download page.

Ugh, I know.  Setting it up again.  That sucks.  I might remind you, however, that there is a guide for just that very thing.  Written by a genius.  Ahem.

How do you delete your settings, you might ask?  A couple options.

1. If you use Curse Downloader, you can right click on the addon and hit delete.  There will be a check box asking if you want to delete the in-game settings as well.  Yes.

2. If you don’t use Curse Downloader, you will have to muck about and delete anything named “droodfocus” in your Addons folder and WTF folder – and possibly other folders like SavedVariables (which may or may not be within WTF).  This sounds like a pain in the ass to me.  I used Option 1.

Ok, go forth and fix your Drood Focus.

  1. yes, “awesomer” is a word.

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