As you may remember, we got a kitten!  At first she was tiny and fragile, but now she is two pounds, 13 ounces of terror, and runs about the house full speed with a scrabbling-whooshing sound.  At this point I’m not worried about Twig or the other cats accidentally hurting the kitten, so I feel a lot more relaxed that I don’t have to constantly “supervise.”

The kitten bites ankles.  A lot.  When you walk by.  When you’re trying to sleep.  Twig finds this very funny.

The kitten also will eat just about anything.  Stealing snacks from a baby!  You should be ashamed, kitten.

Demonstrating the New Druid Cataclysm Talent:  NOM NOM NOM

She will eat just about anything with milk in it, if I am not careful.  I caught her licking up blackberry yogurt.  WTF, kitten?


[Off-Topic] Kitten Update — 5 Comments

  1. We had a cat that would get so excited when Hanse would pull out yogourt.. he’s such a bad influence.

  2. My kittens eat everything :-/ anything that I am currently trying to eat, or that is on a plate left in the sink, including things that they have tried before and hated. Incidentally, is there anything cuter than that ‘sneezing’ type effect when a cat gets a mouthful of something it doesn’t like ? :)

  3. Twig thinks it’s funny when the kitten is licking up her yogurt.  I have a moral dilemma as to whether to let Twig continue to eat it after the kitten has nommed it.